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Week in Review -Week #1-2014-2015

I can't believe that it is that time of year again and that we are already in the full swing of the school year.

We are studying Biblical, Jewish, and Ancient Israel history

Scripture Memory Verse:

We are reviewing some scriptures from last year.


We are doing our biblical studies different this year. We did start the New Testament this week and will work our way through it.

We also started:

A Child’s Bible Lessons from the Torah by Seymour Rossel

Artscroll a Childs Introduction to the Siddur.

The Word-Wise Adventures of Yisrael and Meir Going Global Book One: The Thirty-one Mitzvos

Read out Louds

We started reading, "
Christian Heroes: Then & Now Lillian Trasher They Greatest wonder in Egypt by Janet & Geoff Benge

For Poetry we are reading, “To
Be a Free People the Saga of Israel by Michael Bar-Zohar. This is a book of poems, songs, newspaper articles, and quotes from Israel.

Physical and Health Education

Little Man is still doing karate twice a week. Right now our weekly PE class is on hold.

Therapy and Appointments

Bug had physical therapy this week. Horse therapy got cancelled as it is too hot for man or beast to be working so hard.

She is still doing food therapy and has been doing a few bites at each meal time for me at home with not too much drama. Noticed I said, “not too much drama!”

Insurance is denying all of her other therapies at this time. We are appealing speech therapy at this time. It’s a sad situation as her therapists all believe that she needs it with all of her issues. I guess with all the new insurance laws they are telling me that I need to get therapy at the schools. I know physical therapy will be next as she only has 2 more weeks left until they have to get another approval.

 History and Geography

Our first history book is, “Introduction to Jewish History from Abraham to the Sages” by Seymour Rossel. We just did the introduction this week. This starts out in the book of Genesis. It also covers some heart issues and has a few rabbinical tales also.

We also read a basic introduction book of Israel, “This is Israel”.

We are starting a new geography book this year, “Down to Earth Geography” this week we have been reviewing some basic map skills.  The history or maps and how to use the legends on a map.

We located Italy, Spain, Israel, and Greece on our wall map. We then stamped our passport books.

We also located Egypt, North Carolina, and Georgia on the map for our current read out loud book
Little Man's passport book.
Bug's passport book.
The kids also made a passport book just for Israel. We are going to be learning about specific cities in Israel this year.
We had fun starting on Veritas Press again. I thought we would have to listen to this part a dozen or more times as the kids got a real laugh out of it.

Language Arts and Math

I added new math and language arts programs this year for both kids. Some of the items are ones that we reviewed with the TOS Crew and I decided to keep going with them
I started Pathway readers with Bug to hopefully help her build up confidence in her reading ability. So far she is loving it. 

Little Man's favorite has been Daily Language Lessons and Teaching Textbooks.


This year we are going to be studying botany. This is Little Mans favorite area in science.

Bug had entomology this week. We had grasshopper races. Bug’s grasshopper came in 4th place. Afterwards we went inside and worked on identifying and pinning insects.
Getting ready to release the grasshoppers.
 Except they all froze up under the stress of the race, even Bug's grasshopper.

 Hello, we are suppose to be racing. The kids had to go in and motivate them to get going.

We are getting ready for the Kansas State Fair with Bug’s entomology box. We are doing lots of last minute preparation and changing some insects around for the state competition.

We also went out to a friend’s beehives at the last minute. This friend is the one who started the whole wanting to be a beekeeper thing with my little girl.  She called during our last subject of the school day and asked if we would like to come out and help her.

We suited up and went through three beehives. We checked for hive beetles, varroa mites, and general inspection of the hives.

She answered all my questions that I was unsure of. It looks like we will be going into the hives this weekend at our house now that my questions are answered.

We found a new insect. This is the first time I have ever seen one of these and my little girl was excited when I showed her my catch!

Hebrew, Art, and Misc... Studies

Little Man is doing Hebrew at the synagogue and working on vocabulary with Daddy. I will start in a few weeks after I get settled into our new schedule.

Bug is working on her verses in Hebrew for her upcoming Bat Mitzvah. She is now starting to sing it. We only have 8 weeks left before her big day.

Art has not started at this time also.

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