Friday, September 5, 2014

Tanganyika Zoo Field Trip

A few weeks ago we went to a local zoo with some friends who came up from out of town. It's a smaller zoo that has a lot more hands on with the animals. It has been a few years since we last went. They had a quite a few more animals than when we first went.
 When you first enter the zoo the first exhibit you see is the nursery. They had several babies on hand. I liked the snow leopards the best. They are just adorable.
 Next stop was the caracal cats. Interesting looking cats. I thought they were bobcats at first.
 Bug loved feeding the giraffes. 

It took awhile to get them to come up to us.
 Once they knew we had food we didn't have any problems with them hanging around.
 The baby hippo. Every time we see hippos it's inside the water. The kids thought it was pretty amazing to see one on land.
 These cats remind me of domestic himalayas cats. The face looks like it. These are much larger than our domesticated kitty cats.
 Bug exploring the zoo and watching the monkeys on the island.
 There is the monkey also exploring and checking out those humans on the other side of the water.
 Little Man loved the white albino alligator. It almost looked fake and creepy in a strange sort of way. I'm glad for fences.
 The over friendly ring tailed lemurs that we spent a long time with. We left after another group wanted in. I am sure the kids would of stayed longer if there wasn't someone else wanting to come in.
 You get to feed the lemurs dried cranberries.
Cute baby that I thought was just climbing the pole until it jumped on my head.
 Bug wanted to take one home - even after it pooped on her.
 A mamma and her babies.
 Little Man wants a pet ring tailed lemur also.
 You can see we had a lot of fun in the lemur enclosure.
 White Siberian Tiger. Gorgeous. The only thing I don't like about the zoo is that the cages aren't glass. It's harder to get a good picture with the wire fence. Granted I am very grateful that they are all in cages and not in harms way of my babies.
 The Red Kangaroos. Mostly females out for the kids to pet. All the males are separate so you can't pet them. I guess they get a little to rough while playing.
 Emmett. We were told he was grouchy and has an attitude problem this particular day. He did step on a few kangaroos tales while he was strolling around.
 As you can imagine my kids also want to have a bunny rabbit as a pet.
 Little Man was particularly fond of this rabbit.
 They also want a guinea pig as a pet. I guess I could buy a farm to house all those list of animals my kids want as pets.
 We could start with this very pregnant guinea pig and it would multiply our pets! Okay so I am being silly but I sure did hear it all day long about wanting more pets.
 They didn't like sharing and the pregnant one made sure she had her share of the lettuce.
 Guinea pigs even beg for food. I guess being pregnant has its advantages. 

Oh boy, I need to paint my toe nails again.
 I told you she was a great beggar. Enough of guinea pigs!
 One camel ride is enough for me. We rode one in Israel and it's highly over rated. The kids loved it and had lots of fun.
 The kids had fun feeding he birds nectar.

Our last stop of the day was the cheetah. It was getting hot and I was ready to call it a day. It was a fun day and a great way to spend with a friend who I wish didn't live so far away now.

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  1. Nice pictures. I bet that friend wishes they did not live so far away either.


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