Monday, January 26, 2015

Robitic Bees to Pollinate-Really

Sometimes technology makes me want to get sick. The thought of pollinating crops with robotic bees seems like it would hurt our bees even more than what we have already done.

This article was originally written in Time magazine. These little robotic bees are suppose to save us! I ran across this story from another blogger.

God created this world perfect and He knew that the bees do it the way he intended them to do-perfect. 

Why would we want to replace something so beautiful with something so unnatural. 
 I find joy watching these amazing creatures that works so hard. They make the perfect food. The only creature that actually makes food for humans. I couldn't imagine the robotic bees making honey.
 Oh taste and see that the Lord is good; How blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him. Psalms 34:8

We seem to make a mess of things when we try to play God by doing something so unnatural.
 There is other solutions to help save the bees. More research to figure out what is causing the decline in the bee population, go natural with pesticides,or become a beekeeper, and help promote and support the issue of the bees.

This is a joke thinking that this will solve our problems with pollinating plants by a machine. This will not fix the problems.
 Wouldn't it be a shame to not be able to watch the bees on the flowers. Or watching them come gliding in so gracefully on the bottom board of our beehive. We watch them do their waggle dance with such excitement. The joy of watching my daughter observe the bees seeing the joy on her face.

Then what about honey? An amazing food that has so much variety.I love trying a new jar of honey every time we get a new batch it's so unique and different than the last harvest.

What a shame and a great lost it would be to this world filled with robotic bees. Not a world I want to see. Then what next will we try to fix with a robotic creature.

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