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IndoctriNation TOS Crew Review
As a homeschool mom I find it encouraging to be reminded of the many reasons that I homeschool my children. Recently, I had a chance to review IndoctriNation DVD from Great Commission Films in which I received a physical DVD. With all the debates going on among homeschoolers about Common Core and other issues it is good to be informed.

IndoctriNation DVD cost $19.95 with a running time of 102 minutes. It is available in both English and Spanish. IndoctriNation is also available in a book format. 

I would take the warning to heart for the parental discretion. The topics in this film are something that I am not ready to introduce to my children to in this magnitude.

Produced by Scottish filmmaker Colin Gunn, in which he is also a homeschool father of seven children. Colin Gunn also stars in and presents the facts in IndoctriNation as he traversed across the United States in an old yellow school bus with his family interviewing students, teachers, pastors, parents, and others in the educational system. Colin Gunn has done a good job in the research in this DVD.

One aspect that I like is that Colin Gunn takes you through the history of the public school from the start of it being incorporated into America. He gives you a bit of a biography of the men who began what we know today as public education. It will truly astonish you. I knew something’s but, not everything that Colin Gunn presented. Colin Gunn does a fabulous job educating you in the history from the 1800’s up to the present administration. We assume that our public schools were built on a Christian Worldview but, in reality the men who established the system had a different agenda. Colin will show you photos and video footage of the debates that have affected our public schools through out the years.

Some topics that you will learn about:

*If you often wonder if you made the right choice to homeschool your child(ren)?
*If your child(ren) should remain to be “salt and light” in the public school setting?
*What about the morality, the religious bias against believers in school?
*Sex education in the public schools is taught in a ungodly way.
*No Child left behind and the reality behind it?
*That 90% Christians who send their kids to public school have kids deny their faith when they graduate from High School.

The research and the interviews are very powerful. The sections that hit me the hardest and that stood out for me is the Columbine High School father talking about his son. Maybe, that particular one stood out for me as I was living in Colorado when it happened. I knew some other parents that had children in the school that day. It was a day that impacted me for life. My husband was a youth pastor at the time and the fear and emotions that those kids had been heart wrenching. Another section was in a lower elementary classroom setting were the kids were put in a small group to discuss the options of marriage among the same sex. They had to act it out to present it to the other groups. I am not going to give away the entire DVD.

My Final Thoughts:

My husband also watched this and stated, “That this is a powerful and very informative video”.  My husband doesn’t care for movies and isn’t easily impressed by many movies. He prefers a book. In this case he thought the movie is extremely helpful for anyone thinking about homeschooling or who is questioning their kids’ education in the public school.

I highly recommend IndoctriNation to every parent or soon to be parent. Spread the word. I truly believe that knowledge is a powerful thing. The more we know the stronger we are in what we believe and in our convictions. Knowing the history is equally important.

I feel the need to say it again. “This is a must see for anyone who has a child(ren) in the public schools”. This is also a good video for us who homeschool and have family members who are against our choice to homeschool. Maybe, this will open their eyes and challenge them to the reality of the state of our government run schools.

I don’t think that homeschooling is for everyone and I know many great Christian families who have their child(ren) in the public schools. They still need to be educated and aware of what is going on when they send their kids off to school every day. That way they can be watchful and prayerful in all things.

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