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TOS Crew Review of Homeschool Legacy
TOS Crew recently had a chance to do a review for Homeschool Legacy. When I saw that they had a unit study on horses I knew Horsing Around would be a winner in my house. Horses, how can you go wrong learning about such magnificent animals? 
TOS Crew Review of Homeschool Legacy
My kids are at the stables weekly and it was a perfect learning opportunity to learn more about horses in this homeschool unit study. I received a digital PDF download for this review.
Homeschool Legacy is a Once-a-Week Unit Studies on varies topics from nature, science, and history. Homeschool Legacy varies in grades from 2nd to 12th grade.  
If you need to earn a merit badge for American Heritage Girls or Boys Scouts this meets the requirements to do so.

It also has enough information in it for a 4-H project presentation. We did one of our 4-H projects in photography for the upcoming county fair. We took some pictures of the horses and around the stable.

"Once-a-Week Unit Studies by Homeschool Legacy is just that a one time a week unit study on a topic that you can focus on some hands on creative learning. We put away our text book and hung around the stables a bit longer each week. During the review of Horsing Around Bug was involved in training for and participating in a special needs rodeo at her horse therapy center. It was great timing for this review!

The first thing I did when I received my PDF download was to print it out in and then make a book out of it in my comb binder.

Next, I located some of the books suggested on my shelf and we went to the library to find some more books on horses.
TOS Crew Review of Homeschool Legacy
Horsing Around is a 4 week unit study. We took a bit longer on it and broke it up in smaller portions with the activities and read the books every day. Horsing Around suggested a nice list of books that can easily be found at your local library or maybe even on your bookshelf. You can even use your own choice of books for the unit study. We did a bit of both with the books.

Horsing Around has 29 pages. It’s Biblically centered and no surprises on evolution. It’s flexible to fit into a super busy schedule like mine! It has many features that I enjoyed. It was my kind of a unit study as it didn’t have any major prep that other unit studies do. It made my part of teaching about horses easy and I didn’t feel overwhelmed getting it all ready. All I had to do was gather some books off the classroom shelves and a few at the local library. Very little prep time overall except what I decided to add into it.

What’s covered in Horsing Around?

I used this with my 12 year old daughter and my 9 year old son.

It will give you information on earning your badges for Boy Scouts and American Heritage Girl. This part didn’t apply to my family. Some ideas on using the unit study if your involved in 4-H. This part applied to my family.

It gives you a suggestion on how to schedule your unit study time. It breaks it down Monday through Friday. Each day you are reading a book about the topic. I did all the books as a Read-Aloud. I also added in specific books on different horse breeds that we had access to at the stables and few breeds that interested the kids. Next, you add in the Once-a-Week Unit Study(one day during the week) that focuses on the unit study, family devotions, and the activities. The schedule is suggested and is very flexible to make it your own.

Horsing Around weekly topics are:
TOS Crew Review of Homeschool Legacy
 Week 1: Breeds and Characteristics

We watched a video link provided in the study of a birthing of a foal. Labeled the parts of a horses body. We did a bit of horse art, which in my house was tracing a horse from one of our drawing books and coloring sheets! We talked to the helpers at the stable and asked some question that we didn’t know about caring for a horse and the work that is done in the stables. We mucked a stall and also played an iPad app that includes caring for the horses.
TOS Crew Review of Homeschool Legacy Week 2: Horse and Tack Care

This is a big one at the therapy center as the horses have to be trained to handle those with special needs. The horses go through a vigorous training period to be certified as PAL horses. Bug and Little Man had an assignment of finding out what they did in more detail than what we already knew.

We revisited the different types of saddles and other tack. Bug often grooms the horses at the center. We talked about the safety rules at the stable.
TOS Crew Review of Homeschool Legacy
 Week 3: Equestrian Events

We made this our own and applied the equestrian events to the rodeo. I did a bit of research myself in this area. We did find some interesting videos online about different equestrian events and on the rodeo.
 Week 4: Cowboy Time

We had fun with this week and learned about the Pony Express. The kids played some of the Cowboy games in the unit study. We finished off our unit study with the rodeo as it was the last week of the unit study.

This is not everything we did during this unit study. It was all very manageable and I didn’t feel overwhelmed or rushed at all.

Homeschool Legacy is absolutely 100% appropriate for all learning styles.
Homeschool Legacy has many different topics to pick from. You can find one that will catch their interest and capture their imagination. See what others in the Crew thought on Homeschool Legacy and they used different unit studies than what I used.

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  1. I loved reading your review and how your family used Horsing Around. We absolutely fell in love with this unit study. Great Review!


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