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TOS Crew Review of Successful Homeschooling Made Easy
The last few weeks I have had a chance to do a review for Successful Homeschooling Made Easy. I received their Successful Homeschooling Made Easy Course. The author of this course is Stephanie Walmsley. This is a 26 week course. I received it a bit differently for the purpose of this review then the typical subscription. I received the first four lessons and then each week during the period of the review. I have completed this course up till week nine. I will continue to receive all 26 weeks like a regular subscription.

As a veteran homeschooler I often find myself helping new homeschoolers get started or those who are inquiring about homeschooling their children. 
Sometimes, we as veteran homeschoolers we need a reminder about why we homeschool and to evaluate or homeschool lives and to try avoiding burnout. This is truly attended for new and veteran homeschoolers alike!

Boy, do I remember my first year and it wasn’t anything like I imagined. I was clueless and living in a new state not knowing hardly a soul. I only knew one person who homeschooled their kids. Not only that but all her kids where high school. It was a rocky start and it’s amazing that I made it my first year. It was only through God’s mercy and grace that I survived.

This is a 26 week online course for someone maybe considering homeschooling. Or maybe you are just beginning your homeschool journey. Or like me you’re a veteran homeschooler.

Each week I received via email with a downloadable PDF lessons. The program is laid out to have you do a lesson each week with an assignment for you to start homeschooling. I think of it as a gentle step by step instruction on how to get started with homeschooling. It slowly builds upon the last lesson until you are in a full homeschool schedule teaching your children. Kind of like a stress free homeschooling atmosphere without you realizing you made it!

Stephanie suggests that you slowly add in subjects to ease into the transition. Homeschooling is a lifestyle and a big adjustment. It’s a no worry stress free way to ease into a full schedule gently. I would have never considered easing into a schedule slowly but, I totally get the concept and think that it’s brilliant way to begin your homeschool journey. It’s one of those moments that I think, “If I would of known back then what I know now”.

Not only is this meant for new homeschoolers. Maybe, you’re a veteran homeschooler and it’s time to re-evaluate you homeschool schedule or you are on empty and stressed out. You need a look at your goals and vision of what is your main intend of homeschooling. It’s covered in Successful Homeschooling Made Easy Course.

What is recommended before you begin Successful Homeschooling Made Easy Course

It is recommended that you print out the lessons. A printer will be helpful. You are going to want to highlight and write out your assignments. A binder or a folder is recommended to keep the lessons in. That way you can easily refer to the previous lessons if needed and to keep them in a uniform order when flipping through the lessons. Find a quiet time so you can think and focus on what you are learning.  

Each week you receive a different topic on the many aspects of homeschooling.

Some of the topics include:

How to start homeschooling your child(ren) right away after your first lesson.
You are going to be guided through the first eight weeks on making a schedule for your homeschool. This is realistic way of looking at not only homeschooling but, house hold chores, outside schedules, hobbies, and other things that you may not think about scheduling in to make your homeschool successful.

How to keep records needed for your homeschool.

How to choose a curriculum that works for your family and budget.

The big one-SOCIALIZING!

You even learn a few interesting facts of home education history.


This is just a short list of the many topics that you are going to learn about.

You are not reading a book each week as each topic is explained well enough within a few pages. So don’t stress out. It’s laid out nicely.

Each lesson is set up in the same style:

The Lesson
Next Week

How did I apply this to my homeschool?

Each week when I received my lesson I printed it out and put the sheets in my comb binder with a large comb so I could easily add each lesson to same notebook I created to keep it all in one place.
Stephanie recommends that you find time to go through this time by yourself. For me that is early in the morning after pray and reading my Bible. As far as how long it took me it depended on the topic or maybe it needed me to think about it more before I could do the assignment. I spent a day or two on it each week for around 30 minute’s tops.

My final thoughts:

This is extremely practical and realistic course with new homeschooler and veteran homeschoolers in mind. It’s not a book that can be overwhelming and overly wordy. It’s basic down to earth advice that helps you with your homeschool journey.I like that it reminds you to take care of yourself. The reality is that if you don’t consider your needs then you are homeschooling you are going to burn out quickly.

I love the incremental steps of easing into everything and then it builds upon each week therein.  

I also like that it’s short and to the point with no fluff. The once a week lesson is refreshing. I wasn’t sure how I would like that. It makes it extremely manageable. The layout of each lesson flows nicely.

I am on week 9 of 26 weeks and I look forward to the upcoming weekly lessons. I needed to look at my home schedule in a whole with housecleaning, home business, and outside commitments.

I have no problem recommending Successful Homeschooling Made Easy Course to those in my homeschool group or to new homeschoolers that I get blessed to lead into a new journey. It’s a nice solid foundation to build upon with confidence.

The cost is extremely reasonable and affordable. The course is $10 month or you can pay for it up front for $48.  If you aren’t satisfied there is a 30 day 100% money back guarantee.

Don’t just take my word on it and see what others in the Crew are saying. 

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