Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Animals-July Blogging Challenge Day 28

It's no secret that my family loves animals. I grew up with cats and dogs. My husband is a dog person. For the most part cats are my favorite animal. I also enjoy my dogs. 

We have a kitten named Mercy who is always seeking adventure and is into everything. 
 Bug would consider the bees pets. So we have probably somewhere around 180,000 bees in our backyard between 3 beehives. Give and take a few hundred or so. They just don't play well with others.
 Then there is Rascal our dog that found us to be his new owners. He is a jack terrier/chihuahua mix. He is full of personality and is actually very playful.
Then we have our sweet Angel. She is a German Shepherd who is most likely in her last few weeks of life. She is very old but, very happy. She is now blind and probably in the early stages of kidney failure.

She is faithful to guard. If one of us is outside she is beside your side no matter how bad she is feeling. She is a fighter and has a zeal for life like no other dog we have ever had. Rascal makes her feel young as they still chase one another.

What kind of animal do you have?
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  1. Awe! I love your pictures -- except for the bees. I have friends with hives, but I'm just not brave enough. Although, I do like fresh honey. Thank you for linking up for the challenge. Can you believe we are almost at the end of the month?

  2. Awe! I love your pictures -- except for the bees. I have friends who have hives, but I'm a little afraid. Ha! I do love fresh honey though!

    Thanks for linking up and joining this journey in July. Can you believe it's almost over?


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