Saturday, July 4, 2015

Celebrate~ July Blogging Challenge Day 4

It's Independence Day on the July Blogging Challenge Day 4.
 Happy 4th of July. I celebrate this nation and the independence to worship my God freely!
 I celebrate God giving us His word and His son Yeshua (Jesus). I celebrate each day that He has given me!
 I celebrate the gift of my daughter though an in family adoption that God gave me to care for this special little girl who makes me see His world through her eyes. It's amazing!
 I celebrate her joy and laughter that she brings to me each and everyday.
 I celebrate my miracle child when God opened my womb when the doctor's said I would never give birth to a child. Three days before my daughter's adoption I found out I was pregnant.
 He is full of joy and makes everyone laugh at the silliest and yes, even the dumbest things!
I celebrate an amazing husband of 25+ years. He is a God fearing man who loves Yeshua(Jesus) with all of his heart. He is my spark plug when I need to be reminded of what an amazing Savior we have in difficult and good times. He is a wonderful father. He is a gentle giant who is passionate in all things. 

I celebrate this life that God has given me. 

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