Thursday, July 30, 2015

With Lee in Virginia a TOS Crew Review

Heirloom Audio Productions has created another amazing audio book. Having listened to all the previous audio books my family was excited to listen to their newest audio theater-With Lee in Virginia.

The Civil War is an era in history that has always intrigued me. I remember as a child going to many of the battle fields in North Carolina. I was excited to share another family-fun adventure with my kids.
What we received:

We received a physical copy of With Lee in Virginia CD which includes 2 CDS and 2 ½ hour long adventure. We also received their special bonuses online in which we downloaded the PDF Study Guide that goes along with the Audio Drama, eBook of the original G.A. Henty story of With Lee in Virginia, MP3 of the story, printable poster, and a printable quote from Robert E. Lee.

The story is adapted from G.A. Henty books. If you’re not familiar with this author get yourself acquainted as he does an amazing job of focusing on honor, Christian character, and Biblical principles. They have an all star cast: Kirk Cameron, Sean Astin(Lord of the Rings), Brain Blessed(Star Wars), Chris Anthony, (Adventures in Odyssey) Kelsey Lansdowne (Adventures in Odyssey), and Jim Weiss.

This is a story of a young man, Vincent Wingfield who joins the army. He has a slave by the name of Dan. Which Dan is actually more of a friend. They face many adventures and trails from losing friends in death, duty, betrayal, faith, family, and much more.

The story is historically accurate with the issues leading up to the Civil War as it talks about the rights of the states. It also focuses on slavery. It’s tasteful and doesn’t glorify slavery at all. You will learn about many of the battles that took place during the Civil War also. I don’t want to give the story away but, I promise you that you will be delighted with the story.

One thing that has impressed me the most with Heirloom Audio Production is the quality of the audio books. This audio drama is acted out by an all star cast. The sound effects are amazing and make you feel like you are part of the story.  
The guide is well thought out with some comprehension questions. The study guide is broken down in three sections.

Listening Well: this section lets you see that your child understands the story. Some of the questions are easy and other ones are harder. All the answers are easy to locate.

Thinking Further:You can take up the story another notch in this section. You will be asking thought provoking questions that make your child think and put their thoughts in their own words. Such as trying to figure out the character’s intentions and what they think the characters are feeling or thinking.

Defining Words: those tough new vocabulary words and finding out the meaning. A valuable skill of looking of vocabulary words in the dictionary.
How did we use With Lee in Virginia in our Homeschool?

My son who is 9 and is 12 year old sister listened to this with me. Like the other stories my kids asked daily if it was here yet. As soon as it came it was quickly unwrapped. Since, we are always on the go we listened to it once through in the van and then several times afterwards.

I used the study guide to discuss the story with my children. Its summer time and it was used orally. It really let me see how much my children comprehend the story when we go through the study guide.I honestly didn't take advantage of the whole study guide due to the fact it is summer and we are in the midst of getting ready to sale our home. As much as we listen to the Heirloom Audio Productions CD's I know that we will have time to do a much better job with it in the future.

Final Thoughts

We absolutely love Heirloom Audio Productions and as of date have listened to everyone. My kids are so excited for the next one. I am just as excited and can’t wait to see what adventure we will go on next.

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