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Super Teachers Worksheets TOS Crew Review
I don’t know about you but, I spend a lot of time searching for supplemental worksheets online for our homeschool to reinforce a concept or to fill in a gap that I feel a certain curriculum is lacking. We at the Crew had an opportunity to review Super Teacher Worksheets with an Individual Membership for a whole year.

What is Super Teacher Worksheets?

This is for Pre-K to middle school. This is a super easy site with literally thousands of printable PDF resources. Whether you are a homeschooler, parent, or a public school teacher needing something to help fill in the gap.

What subjects are available on Super Teacher Worksheets?

Reading & Writing
Phonics & Early Literacy
Spelling List & Worksheets
Social Studies
Puzzles & Brain Teasers
Teacher Helpers
Pre-K and Kindergarten
Make your own worksheets

Within each category is a whole lot of sub-categories broken down for ease of finding what you need. There is a large impressive variety to choose from with Super Teacher Worksheets. You can even make your own worksheets with the Worksheet Generator. The Worksheet Generator creates PDF files of your choice using your choice of word Searches, multiple choice, or fill in the blank.

Once you have logged into the site you choose the subject and then click on a specific topic which breaks down each area in to more details. An example- counting coins is broken down by dimes, quarters, ect… All the subjects are similar.

Super Teachers Worksheets TOS Crew Review
All the worksheets that we used were illustrated in one form or another. The illustrations were not overwhelming and distracting. Some of the worksheets have answer keys when appropriate.

Another aspect is My File Cabinet. Which you can add any of the worksheets to save for later use. You can also store the worksheets that you generated for yourself. This is a nice feature if you like to plan ahead and have everything ready to go when you need it.

This is a supplement to your current curriculum and will not take the place of a full curriculum in my opinion.

How did I use Super Teacher Worksheets in my Homeschool?

I used this with both of my kids. My daughter is 12 with a lot of learning challenges that we have to constantly review concepts with her. My son is 9 and just started 4 th grade.
Super Teachers Worksheets TOS Crew Review

Do to us moving I did this quite a bit differently than what I would have done if it wasn’t for us in the midst of moving.

I explored the site and printed out several worksheets in different areas that that I felt my kids would need some extra help in and some things just for fun. I put them in two file folder for each of the kids so I could assign them weekly. I didn’t know how long it would take me to get my computer and printer going. The good news is that I was able to get both up quickly and found that I needed a few more worksheets.
Bug used a lot of the reading worksheets and short stories. Afterwards, she would have a few questions to ask about the story. She loved the stories and give them a thumbs up. We also reviewed a lot of multiplication and fractions.
Little Man worked on math to get him refreshed for the new school year with reviewing several concepts.

Both of my kids loved the science and social study worksheets. Since we are still trying to get somewhat of a normal schedule Super Teacher Worksheets was a life saver during this transition. When we move for the last time in a few more weeks it will come in real handy.

My Final Thoughts

Wow, this is extremely organized and easy to navigate the site to find what you need quickly. Super Teacher Worksheets is super friendly to use. I didn’t have any problem downloading any of the worksheets at all.

This is everything all in one site. No more long hours of searching for worksheets for my kids. My time is valuable and this makes me spend a lot less time searching online for hours.

Once we get settled into our new home I plan on creating quizzes for the kids and using the worksheet generator. I am very pleased with everything from Super Teacher Worksheets and look forward to using this school year.

Don’t forget to stop by and see what the other Crew members have to say about SuperTeacher Worksheets.

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