Thursday, December 3, 2015

Kwik Stix Review and Giveaway

Recently, I had the opportunity to review Kwik Stix from The Pencil Grip, Inc. I received a pack of 12 colors for this review and also two pencil grips.

I love watching my kids creating masterpieces of art. They love getting creative on paper. 

I also have a confession to make! I dread my kids using paint as it usually means a big mess. First, you have to get something to cover up my kids so they aren’t wearing the paint, fill up containers for water, pull out several brushes, and the clean-up is not fun. It almost makes me feel guilty when the kids ask to paint on a time that I haven’t planned it into the schedule for some art project. It’s just a lot of work and time consuming in our families busy schedule. 

What is Kwik Stix?

Kwik Stix is solid tempera paint that comes in a plastic container like the ones the glue sticks come in. The paint sticks twist up and down in height. They are also thick and easy to grasp and control. It’s a non-toxic paint that dries in 90 seconds. You don’t need any water to use Kwik Stix. You can use Kwik Stix on paper, poster board, cardboard, wood, and even on a canvas!  

The paint is not dry the texture reminds me of chapstick as it’s very smooth in the container. The colors are very vibrant. They paint smooth when using them on paper. It doesn’t smear of leave clumps when you are using them. My kids found out that you can blend the colors if you take your finger to it and go over the colors as long as you do the blending immediately. I love that the colors don’t get all puddled together and looks like a big mess and the colors have all bleed together.
The Pencil Grip Original

We also received two pencil grips. One was The Pencil Grip Original. Which was easy to grasp for both of my children. Great for teaching children how to hold a pencil before the bad habits begin. The texture was soft and not hard like other pencil grips we have used in the past. 
The Pinch Grip
We also received The Pinch Grip which was also a nice soft texture with deeper indents in it. Both of my kid’s preferred The Pinch Grip as they thought it was more comfortable. My kids are pass the age of using pencil grips at this stage as they are 10 and 13. 

 Another pencil grip that they offer is The Crossover Original. Which I didn’t receive but, found interesting as this is an issue that I even as an adult catch myself doing. As a child I always did this much to my teacher’s displeasure. I don’t remember pencil grips being available back then. I notice the difference in my handwriting when I do hold my pen incorrectly and cross over. It's not as legiable. Some habits are hard to break at my age.
My Final Thoughts

 These are so fun and easy to use. They are versatile on many types of projects. Of course, I love that they are not messy in using or cleaning. This is for any age from child to adult alike. I have a child with rheumatoid arthritis and the Kwik Stix are easy for her to grasp.

My kid’s verdict-they thought these are awesome and a lot of fun. They have used Kwik Stix several times and absolutely love them. 

So if you’re looking for a fun creative gifts for the holidays then Kwik Stix would put a smile on their face. I am really impressed with Kwik Stix. They would make great gifts for any child or adult for that matter.

I am sure my kids will use these up in no time at all. I will be purchasing some for Hanukkah gifts this year.

The Pencil Grip, Inc. is also being generous and giving away a 6 pack of Kwik Stix to one of my readers. 

The Giveaway:

To enter the giveaway leave a comment to who the Kwik Stix will be for. Make sure I am able to contact you. The winner will be announced Monday afternoon.

This has been provided to me free of charge and in no way was I asked to give a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


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