Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Tae Kwon Do Testing

When we moved up to our small town we weren't sure if Little Man would be able to continue with Tae Kwon Do. The half and hour drive twice a week to Wichita was a bit to much for our family. 

Luckily, we found one at the local Recreational Center. Just like his other class there are only a few students. This one is very rigorous and has been extremely challenging for him in a good way. It's very fact paced. His kicking style has improved by leaps and bounds. They do a rigorous kicking routine weekly. It has helped him be much more limber. It's also a different form of Tae Kwon Do. For the most part it's similar with a few differences in forms. The belt levels are also different. It's also part of a bigger organization that has several locations. They also have torments which we didn't have prior.
 Little Man had to start out as a white belt until the testing came up. Every few months all the locations come together with all different belt levels of belts to be tested out. At this particular event they had around 60 students testing out. They all warm up together at first with black belts in front and so forth by level.
 This was all new to him being in a large group. I was nervous for him.

He had a great teacher prior to us moving and his new teacher recognized that he was familiar with many of the forms and had a good techniques.
 After the group warms up together the belts test out together.
Little Man did a flawless performance of his forms and kicking.
 Then they get to break a board. This was a success for him. He also got to do it with his teacher which is the one holding the board.
 He did pass and is a yellow belt. He was a higher belt in his previous class but, he knows he has to start over. His teacher said he will move up quickly since he knows the other forms already.
 One thing different is that if one kid does something wrong they all have to do knuckle push ups. One kid was't loud enough and called a women sir.
Congratulations Little Man!

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