Wednesday, March 16, 2016

EdTechLens Rainforest Journey TOS Crew Review
The rainforest is such a fascinating place. My kids have been going on a journey full of my kids’ favorite things like bugs, animals, and plants. We have been using EdTechLens and their Rainforest Journey science program. I knew this would be a perfect fit for my budding 13 year old Entomologist and my 10 year old Botanist.

I received a one-year online subscription for both of my kids. Rainforest Journey is for grades K-5. This is a great life science addition to your school. This is an online elementary science program that teaches about the different layers of the rainforest. My kids have enjoyed the video clips and all the beautiful photographs of the different species in the rainforest. Little Man has been doing 4th grade level and Bug the 2nd grade level.

In grade 4 my son has 5 units to complete. Each grade has a total of 34 lessons in all. The format is presenting in short video clips along with reading portions.

Unit 1- The Big Picture of the Rainforest
Unit 2- Adapt or Die!
Unit 3- Animals
Unit 4- Plants and Fungi
Unit 5- Ecosystems

Each unit has several lessons within each unit. Each unit you are introduced to new vocabulary words. You also are given a brief overview of the next unit at the end of each unit and also review of the lesson. The review can be printed out to take.

I am able to track their progress in the teachers account and to manage my kids. Both the teacher and student see the same content in the lessons. On the result tabs you can see % of program completed, each child’s grade, and average quiz grade.

Each grade that we did has an option to read the text or listen to the text with an audio option. Having a 13 year old with special needs this was extremely helpful as her reading level is at a 2nd grade level.

Each unit can be printed off in a PDF. There are several hands on activities in Rainforest Journey. You can set up the course to go in any order or have the option to skip around.

The only differences that I seen of the 4th and 2nd grade level was the reading material had more information on the 4th grade. The same topics are covered it’s just more concise on the information. Each student is given their own log in.

How did I use Rainforest Journey in my Homeschool?

My kids love science and have loved using EdTechLens Rainforest Journey. We used this a few times a week. We worked on the online parts first and then the next day we would complete the printed material. I ended up paring my kids together half way through the review period as Bug liked the extra information that was included in his level. This made her content working with him rather than separate.

My kids are really enjoyed learning about the rainforest. The only thing my kids said they didn’t like was the monotone voice of the program.

The only problem I encountered was logging into the parent account as my password wouldn’t work. Every time I had to do a, “forgot password” and wait to be emailed to log in again. Even after it saved my password it wouldn’t take the next time. The company is aware of this and is working on it.

Over all this has been a pleasant experience for my family. I wouldn’t consider this a full science curriculum but, more of a supplement.

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