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The Dragon and the Raven a TOS Crew Review
Finally, after much anticipation from my family Heirloom Audio Productions released their newest audio production. We received the physical CD set of The Dragon and the Raven and a generous assortment of bonus materials in a digital download. It took less than 10 minutes after the mail arrived for my kids to start playing the CD!
Anyone from age 6 and up will enjoy this medieval tale by G.A. Henty. Prepare to be taken back into a fascinating time in history.

I received:

Physical CD set
The Dragon and the Raven MP3 Set
The Dragon and the Raven E-book the orginal with updated graphics
Official MP3 Soundtrack
Printable Cast Poster
Study Guide in PDF format
Inspirational Verse Poster
Live the Adventure Letter
Behind the Scene Video


The Dragon and the Raven is around AD 870-901 when the Vikings were invading England and the surrounding countries. The Saxons and Vikings had many battles going on with the Saxons losing hope to the ruthless Vikings who showed no mercy to them. King Alfred ascended the throne at 23 after his brother was killed in a fierce battle with the Vikings. One of the main characters is Edmund. He enlists in King Alfred’s army. A brilliant plan formulated by the Saxons to outsmart the Danes in their dominance of the seas. The Saxon build a ship named the Dragon which is the turning point of the battle leading up to peace. After several battles a peace treaty was finally signed. The Danish King Guthrum becomes a Christian. 

The Dragon and the Raven CD has 2 CDs in a tri-fold case. The audio book is 2 ½ hours of adventure. They have an all star cast that plays the characters. John RYHS-Davis (Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones), Helen George (Call the Midwife), Brian Blessed (Star Wars, Tarzan), Sylvester McCoy (Dr Who, The Hobbit), John Bell (The Hobbit), and Katherine Kellgren. This is truly an amazing, heart stopping, and realistic action packed adventure. I love it when I can present my kids with characters that have faith and love of God in action and learning how to be true followers of God. 

The Study Guide is a PDF download with 48 colorful pages. The Study Guide is full of discussion questions and vocabulary questions for each section on the CD. 

Each section is broken down in three sections:

Listening Well: this section lets you see that your child comprehends the story.

Thinking Well: this particular section you are asked thought provoking questions that make you think about the story. You have to then put the story in your own words.

Defining Words: vocabulary words and finding out the meaning of them.
I love that all of Heirloom Audio Productions are based on a biblical standards and includes scriptures with Godly characters.

We enjoy listening to The Dragon and the Raven several times. We like to listen to the whole story first. Afterwards, the second time we go through the Study Guide together. I like to do it orally with both of my kids and we discuss it. It intrigues me how much my kids remember with Heirloom Audio Productions. It’s not always that way with other stories. I think the sounds and the way the stories are presented are just memorable.

My son listened to the Behind the Scene Video with me and it was quite interesting.

I haven’t told my kids yet, Heirloom Audio Productions is working on another one of G.A. Henty’s stories The Cat of Bubastes. I can’t wait till it comes out. My kids will be asking soon if I know if the next one is available. I have been blessed to have listened to all of Heirloom Audio Productions to date. 

I can’t thank Heirloom Audio Productions enough for creating master pieces and for giving me a chance to review their audio dramas. My kids get so excited with everyone. That makes a very happy mom!

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  1. The Cat of Bubastes is a great story. I read it aloud a few years ago and it was fantastic as anything by G.A. Henty is.


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