Friday, April 29, 2016

City Arts Field Trip

Last week we had a field trip at City Arts in Wichita. My kids love going to City Arts. The only bad thing living out of town now is that we don't take the classes anymore. It just to much travel time now.
 The first craft was using shaving cream. I'm never buying shaving cream for the house. It was neat but messy. My daughter would get obsessed with it with her Autism. I don't have the sanity for it.
 After you flatten out the shaving cream you drop a few drops of liquid water colors on it. Gently stir in the colors but, not a whole lot of stirring.

 You press a piece of paper on top gently tapping it down. The colors transfer onto the paper.
 Bug's making a colorful picture.
 Bug's masterpiece in progress
 Little Man's finished project.
 After you lift the paper off the shaving cream you scrap all of it off and let it dry.
 Then the clean up.
 The kids also learned about printing. They created a one of a kind print block.
 Bug's finished block.
 Bug decided to add a few more details.
 Next, was using the Brayer and ink. I can handle this type of a craft.

 Little Man's finished project. If you know Hebrew you can see his name. Except he made a mistake on the far left. His name is the three letters on the right.
 His other one is a sword emblem.
 The kids did beading on a loom.
 Except this one was hard and neither of them liked it that much. It was very hard for them to do.

Afterwards, they toured the building and got to see a small pot being made.

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