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Times Tales a TOS Crew Review
Times Tales by The Trigger Memory Co. has been an amazing way to learn the times tables in my house for a long time. I received a downloadable version of Times Tales which includes everything the DVD has. You still get access to all the printable materials. It’s non-consumable and can be used for your whole family multiply times over. 

This can be used with children as young as five and up.

I used the older version of Times Tales several years ago with my now 13 year old daughter with special needs. Let me tell you it was a sanity saver for everyone. I was excited to be able to see the new animated version of Times Tales and introduced it to my son.
What is Times Tales?

Times Tales uses the mnemonic approach and is designed to remember a pattern to help learning the upper times tables. Told in an animated story format each number is associated with a character.

Times Tales covers these multiplication facts:

3x6, 3x7, 3x8, 3x9
4x6, 4x7, 4x8, 4x9
6x6, 6x7, 6x8, 6x9
7x7, 7x8, 7x9
8x8, 8x9 9x9

Your student learns the stories and they will start to associate the stories and characters with the times table facts. They are reinforced by worksheets, crosswords, and flashcards.
Times Tales a TOS Crew Review

My son knows the concepts of multiplication and can figure out problems without my assistance. We have one problem and that is he has a hard time remembering is multiplication facts. He gets frustrated with me when I drill him. He doesn’t like being put on the spot and having to give me an answer quickly. 

We start off by watching Part 1. The video is around 30 minutes. This is where your kids will see the animated video part of the stories. The stories are fun and very easy to comprehend. At first, you may not get how this is going to relate to memorizing the times tables. So, bear with the story as it will all come together. Before you know it the times tables will start sticking. I had my son watch Part 1 for two days before we proceeded. We also added in some of the worksheets. This is the meat of Times Tales with knowing the stories.

Part 2 was my son’s favorite as it does a story quiz game show style. You need to beat the clock. If you miss some of the questions you go back and watch the stories over. 

Times Tales a TOS Crew Review

Part 3 is my favorite part as it makes you be the story teller and you basically are matching the story with a picture. 

Times Tales a TOS Crew Review

Part 4 is an animated flashcards with the characters. The flashcards are on the PDF that you need to print out with both the characters and one with just the numbers.

Part 5 is also flashcards but, this time it’s without the characters. 

Part 6 is the big test that is written. Not only are you taking a test but, without the characters representing certain numbers.

**Also included is a bonus that uses multiplication to show that division is multiplication in reversal. My son was confused with this so we didn’t pay attention to it at this point.

My daughter due to her disabilities regresses a lot and I had her follow along this time. The story came back quickly for her. I need to remember to go back from time to time with Times Tales with her.

My Final Thoughts:

First, I have to say that I love the improvements that Times Tales has done. The animation is much more appealing. They have done a wonderful job updating. My daughter noticed it right away and liked the update.

For my 10 year old son. At first he rolled his eyes at the story. After, watching them he lightened up and told me. "It's good Mom." He is still struggling with the 6's and 8's and I foresee we will be practicing with Times Tales for a bit longer. 

It’s such a gentle multi-sensory approach to teaching the times tables. It’s a fun approach that works with kids of all ages. It’s also great for kids with learning disabilities.

I would recommend Times Tales! Stop by the other members of the TOS Crew Review team and see what they have to say.
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