Monday, May 23, 2016

Science Shepherd a TOS Crew Review
Science is a big deal in our home and my kids love it when it’s time for science. It’s definitely a favorite subject around here. We were given a 12-month subscription to Science Shepherd and their Introductory Science. I also received a physical copy of Introductory Science Workbook Level B and Introductory Science Workbook Answer Key Level B.
Science Shepherd is a Christian creation based- online homeschool science. They offer three topics of science programs Introductory Science, Science Shepherd Biology, and Science Shepherd Life Science.
The creator of Science Shepherd is Dr. Scott Hardin, MD who is a homeschool dad of six. He noticed that many homeschoolers didn’t continue with homeschool once their children got into the higher grades as they felt they couldn’t due the science at that level. Science Shepherd was created to provide a high quality science program for older kids that does the teaching for you and takes the stress out of providing a high quailtiy homeschool online science program.
The Introductory Science is for ages 6-11. They offer two different workbook options Level A is set up for ages 6-8 and Level B is intended for ages 9-11. This is a complete science curriculum that is set up for 5 days a week for a complete 35 weeks of science.

Each lesson starts out with a short video that is only a few minutes. Typical each week there are 5 segments on a certain topic unless, you are doing a hands on activity. Week 1 and 2 or introduction and go over the seven days of creation and talk about some amazing things that God created on that particular day of creation. Week 3 goes over some science skills and tools.
You cover 3 main topics during the 35 weeks:
Earth Science will go over Meteorology, Geology, Oceanography, and Astronomy.
Life Science will cover plants, underwater creatures, land and flying creatures, and man, Healthy living, Ecology, and Natural Resources.
Physical Science is Matter, Energy, Motion, and Magnets.

Little Man was able to do everything independently. The only time he really needed my help was when he need to do the hands on activities. Logging in and navigating the site was extremely easy. The only thing I had a hard time with the site is that it doesn’t tell you where you left off at. The workbook helped in that area if we forgot which day we finished in a week. Little Man enjoyed Science Shepherd so much that he typically did more than one lesson a day.
The videos are interesting. Scott Hardin does a great job explaining the topics. It’s very visually appealing. 

The Introductory Science Workbook Level B is a spiral bound workbook with 383 pages. It’s all black and white and not busy or overwhelming. There are a few questions from multiply choice to you writing in your own answers. Also, in the workbook are crossword puzzles and the hands on activities which are called “Video Activity”, and other activities. The workbook is laid out by week and day to correspond with the video lessons.
Introductory Science Workbook Answer Key Level B is just that an answer key to help you check your child’s work quickly in the Student Workbook. It’s a paper-bound book.

Little Man (10) typically had the Student Workbook in front of him while he was watching the videos. He really enjoyed doing Science Shepherd and would love getting his sister involved in the activities. He even would go get his sister to watch some of the video segments as he wanted her to see it also. He thought all the topics were interesting. He loved that it wasn’t overwhelming with so much information and that it didn't take a long time.

For me, I am really impressed with Science Shepherd. I look forward to doing the other levels in our homeschool. I love how it was all put together and it's from a Christian Worldview. My son enjoyed this a lot and that is extremely important.
One thing that I would love as an option is for you to be able to buy the video lesson on a DVD format. You can buy a monthly extension if you don’t finish the course in the year. I just prefer having a physical copy of the DVDs.
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