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Zeezok Publishing LLC a TOS Crew Review


I‘m one of those moms who knows nothing about music nor, do I have any musical talents. That doesn’t mean I can’t introduce my children to some of the great composers throughout history. I was pretty excited to introduce my son to Zeezok Publishing LLC and their Music Appreciation: Book 1 for the Elementary Grades
This is for grades K-6 and introduces you to seven composers like Bach, Handel, Mozart, Beethoven, Paganini, Schubert, and Hayden.

Music Appreciation: Book 1 for the Elementary Grades includes the following resources:

A Lapbook CD with individual lapbooks for all 7 of the composers. You can print out the composer’s separately. The lapbooks are fully illustrated and colored. There are instructions on how to do the lapbooks. You also have information on each component of the lapbooks on where to cut and fold. All the lapbook parts are simple folds and don’t get complicated.

A  Music Disc with 5 in total that has all of the 7 composer’s music. They are all in one sturdy case.

7 biographies of the composers:

Each biography has compositions to play in each book. The books have charming illustrations throughout all the books in black and white. All our living books that start from the composers childhood to adult life.

“Ludwig Beethoven and the Chiming Tower Bells” by Opal Wheeler. This is a soft cover book with 146 pages.  

“Mozart the Wonder Boy” by Opal Wheeler and Sybil Deucher. This is a soft cover book with 92 pages.

“Joseph Hayden the Merry Little Peasant” by Opal Wheeler and Sybil Deucher. A soft cover book with 118 pages.

“Handel at the Court of Kings” by Opal Wheeler. A soft cover book with 166 pages.
Sebastian Bach the Boy from Thuringia” by Opal Wheeler and Sybil Deucher. A soft cover book with 126 pages.

“Franz Schubert and his Merry Friends” Opal Wheeler and Sybil Deucher. A hardback book with 124 pages.

“Paganini Master of the Strings” by Opal Wheeler. A soft cover book with 159 pages.
The Student Activity Book is a soft cover book with 354 pages. It's also printed in full color. The Student Activity Book is for all 7 of the composers. There are three-hole punch and perforated pages. 

This is a consumable book and you will need one for each child. 

A Scope and Sequence is included for all the composers. Music Disc Track List of all 5 Disc.

Each composer has a weekly lesson outline with a comprehensive 4 week unit study. Each unit stands alone. You can go in order of the Student Activity Book or choose your own order. It breaks down the weekly lesson on what needs to be read for the lesson. It will explain what components of the lapbook needed to be completed with the lesson. You are directed to what section of The Student Activity Book to complete also.

This is a multi-sensory hands-on curriculum. It’s filled with comprehensive questions, maps and geography, history, recipes, tidbits on the composers that isn’t in the biography, matching and fill in the blank questions, character traits, science, time lines, and so much more. This is impressive with all that is included. This is truly a complete Music Appreciation curriculum. Some of the activities vary to each composer.

How did I use this in my Homeschool?

My 10 years old son has always been interested in the violin. We decided to work on the unit of Paganini Master of the Strings.

I printed out the lapbook and cut up all the components first and got the folder ready for him. Cutting and doing all that just would of drove him crazy.

We would read the biography at the beginning of the week which usually consisted of one chapter and then go over the comprehensive questions and other components of the week. Usually, we would finish a chapter in one day. Some of the chapters are longer and we would carry it over to the next day. Little Man then would assemble parts for the lapbook one day and we would talk about each part. Another day we would work in The Student Activity Book and listen to the music. My son’s only disappointment was that they only had a few of Paganini compositions on the CDs while other artist had several.

Niccolo Paganini 1782-1840 born in Genoa, Italy, was an intriguing person. His life was truly his music. At such a young age his father taught him to play the mandolin and by 7 he was playing the violin. He sat under several instructors and quickly learned their techniques. Paganini was known for such complicated techniques. He traveled a lot to do concerts in parts of Europe.

My son quickly noticed his dedication and the hours that Paganini practiced playing his violin. He endured much poverty in his childhood with little food. Despite that he practiced his violin faithfully.

 My son wanted to read the next book independently and he is currently reading, Sebastian Bach the Boy from Thuringia”.  

Final Thoughts:


My son really has enjoyed this. He liked the biographies and the music. He didn’t like that not many of Paganini’s works are included in the CD. He even found Paganini’s music online as he was inspired by the biography.

I can’t express how good of an experience this was for my family. I was surprised and excited at how much my son liked this. My 13 year old daughter enjoyed listening to me read the story also. What and easy and enjoyable homeschool music program.

 This has truly exceeded my expectations. I have to remind myself that I can still give my kids the love of music by teaching them about the composers and exposing them to the music. I may not have the ability or resources to have them play an instrument but, I can give them an appreciation of wonderful music and the artist behind the music.  

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