Monday, June 6, 2016

Blast Off!

It's that time of the year again. The kids are on the last leg of getting their projects done. For Little Man it's launching his rocket for the 4-H fair requirements. Then after launching it's the rush of getting his rocket painted.
 Launch time was at 6pm on a Friday night. Which most nights this isn't a problem but, on Fridays we attend our Messianic congregation starting at 7. The good thing is that it's not Shabbat until the sun goes down. Thankfully it's much later in the spring time. The group actually tries to do it on a week night but, the Kansas wind has been relentless along with the rain. With the fair right around the corner they couldn't wait any longer.

A friend of ours offered to take us as they live in our little town with us. It's been fun having a friend move to the town you live in. They have been like an Uncle and Aunt living in town as they love doing things with our kids. He is helping my son attach the engine and get the wadding in the rocket tube.

My husband had to go to our congregation as he has obligations to fulfill. If it was any other night he would of been there. We came in during worship time a little late.
 Little Man is getting everything hooked up to launch. This his first attempt as the first one he had a technical issue and we had to replace a piece quickly. Then we had to glue on the launch lug. Thank goodness for super glue.
 His teacher is helping him secure everything this time as the remote to ignite it was acting up!
 The best part of 4-H Rocketry is launching the rocket.
5-4-3-2-1 blast off  His rocket did 60'. He had some damaging this time around on the fin and the main tube as it hit a big rock.

 It's up there some where. I just can never locate it with my camera.
It was a beautiful and fun evening with very little wind.

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