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Veritas Press -Self-Paced Bible a TOS Crew Review

Veritas Press has gotten even better! They now have a Self-Paced Bible! We have been using Old Testament 1: Genesis to Joshua the last several weeks. I received a full year access to the course.

It’s no secret that my family loves Veritas Press ever since we reviewed their Self-Paced History for the Crew. Since, that review I have purchased this last year’s history course and we are already set to go for next year. I was so excited to see a Self-Paced Bible!

Veritas Press Self-Paced Bible has the following courses available currently:

Old Testament 1: Genesis to Joshua
Old Testament 2: Judges to Kings
New Testament 1: The Gospels 

Veritas Press Self-Paced Bible is an online interactive Bible course. The course is designed for grades 2-6. You will need internet access to complete the course. It will operate for Windows, Macintosh, iPad, or Android tablets.

To enhance the course you can order the Veritas Press Biblical Flashcards to go with this program.

Veritas Press is a Classical Christian education approach to teaching Biblical concepts and history. This approach teaches the Bible in order and to help memorize the order of events. There is a song that helps you memorize the chronological order of Biblical text you are studying.

Old Testament 1: Genesis to Joshua has 128 lessons and 32 major Biblical events taught. The lessons vary in time from 10-20 minutes. The lessons are presented in video format with actors and a mascot which in this particular Self-Paced Bible course is a cat. Your student gets automatic feedback on the answers. If you answer the question incorrectly you will need to do again.

When you set up your account you have both a parent and a student account. In the parent account you can see your student’s progress with completed work, and test results. 

You don’t need to do any of the grading as the grades are automatically generated. You can print off the test for your records if you like to keep a hard copy on hand.

Veritas Press Self-Paced Bible is very easy to navigate around for your student. Once you sign in to your account you simple hit launch and the lessons open up. You will need to allow a pop up for this program. It will take you to another screen to do the courses. Some basic computer skills are needed like using a mouse or touch screen if that is what you have. You will need to be able to drag objects into place, click on answers and some basic functions.

This can be used for older kids independently or can enjoy and watch with them. Younger kids may need help with some of the games, maps and questions. The questions vary from multi-choice question to dragging the answer to the correct place.

The reviews and test are multi-choice questions. These test and reviews are done every few lessons. The exams also review some from the previous learned lessons.

Lots of games and timelines to help you  memorize dates and maps are used see where the event happened.

The best part for me is it’s a quality Bible Curriculum.
I don’t have to do any prep work to prepare for the lessons which takes a bit of work off of me!

How did I use Veritas Press Self-Paced Bible in my homeschool?

My 10 year old son is the primary user and my 13 year old daughter always watches the videos with her brother. Once in awhile she talks him into doing a certain game!

We did this 3-4 times during the week for the duration of the review. This is a hands on interactive with games, videos, song, and just a complete Bible curriculum.

Little Man was very pleased with this course. This time around he actually liked the memory song. Which on the history course it drove him crazy. He said, “the song felt more authentic and he could do the hora with it almost”. (hora is a Jewish dance done in a line or circle with others) I had to chuckle with his comment.

During the review period I stayed with him during the lessons. For the rest of the lessons I will turn it over to him to do independently. I am usually in the same room to see what he is learning and to help if needed.

The only concern that I see is that it doesn’t hold back from the Bible stories and your kids will be exposed to some of the sinful acts that man has committed along with pictures of idols and some of their practices. Everything in my opinion is very tasteful. Some kids are a bit more sensitive to this type of material. They always turn it all around and point it back to
Would I recommend Veritas Press  Self-Paced Bible? You bet I would. My family loves Veritas Press and plan on continuing using this and the other courses available.

See what others from the Crew thing as they are using some of the other courses. 

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