Monday, June 19, 2017

We Have a New Family Member!

We added another 4 legged family member. Little Man has been wanting a hamster for a long time.  

At the end of last week we came home with a Campbell Russian Dwarf Hamster. She is a girl and the kids named her Willow.
 We are in the process of taming her. This particular breed is the nipper of all the hamsters breeds.
After getting her use to her new cage and sticking our hands in the cage to hand feed her treats the first 3 days she is proving to be pretty gentle. So far she has not bitten and drawn blood with use-which is a good sign. She has just nipped our fingers a few times. Ouch it hurts. 

One of Little Man's friends did however stick his hand in the cage and chased her around trying to catch her. She drew blood on him as she felt threatened. We tried to stop him but, well some kids just don't listen very well.
The last few days we have been putting her in a plastic bin with some bedding and a few items from her cage and putting our hand out flat to give her treats. This is how you are suppose to train them. It's a slow process but, we are seeing her get more comfortable with us. 

Bug is a bit scared after Willow has nipped her once. I will probably have to hold Willow for her to pet her as I don't foresee her being able to hold or handle her. The last thing I need is a hamster loose in our house with a dog and cat.

Willow seems to be more comfortable with me for now and is getting use to Little Man slowly. I think he's not so sure of the nipping yet. He is giving her treats by hand and moving his hand out of her way quickly. She crawls up on my flat hand now to sit.

My next step is to try and pick her up some which we will probably do today.

She loves running around in her ball and it's fun to watch. 

Mercy is not so sure of Willow being in her boy's bedroom. Mercy has made it known that she doesn't like a hamster in her house. She has been knocking things off Little Man's shelves and dresser for no reason since we got Willow. It's funny watching Mercy act out. 

Have a blessed week.

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