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In the Reign of Terror A Homeschool Crew Review


Does your family enjoy listening to audio books? The audio drama of G.A. Henty-
 In the Reign of Terror by Heirloom Audio Productions would be a wonderful addition to your library. I received a physical copy of -In the Reign of Terror CD and a generous assortment of bonus materials in a digital download one being the Study Guide to enrich the story even more.

My family loves all of Heirloom Audio Productions and as of date we have listened to all of these great inspiring Christian audio dramas more than once. Now that we live out of town and spend more time driving the CD's  don’t stay on our book shelves for too long as we always have one or two in the car ready to listen to.

I received:

Physical CD of In the Reign of Terror
Study Guide and Discussion Starter
In the Reign of Terror Playlist
In the Reign of Terror Original E-book
In the Reign of Terror Official Soundtrack
Printable Cast Poster
Inspirational Verse Poster
Desktop Wallpaper Download
Official Script Download

I also received access to the Live Adventure Club Online.  You can see all the extras that are available from the picture above. They are starting a new forum  also.


In the Reign of Terror is a story written by G.A. Henty and published in 1888. This fast-moving adventure will have you hanging onto your seats. It is during the time period of the French Revolution 1793-1794. Young Harry is and English lad of 16 is sent to live in France in 1790 with the Marquis de St. Caux a family of nobility in France.

Harry becomes close friends with the family after saving the families daughters after a rabid dog attempts to attack them. Ernest Marquis the eldest son becomes close friend with Harry and they have many adventures together like hunting and killing the Demon Wolf that has caused a loss of life for many years in their community. After a few years life is about to change.

The Marquis are loyal to their King. The unrest and violence in the country is growing and the family decides to move to Paris to support their king and the violence that has been growing with the peasants in the country side. Paris becomes just as dangerous and Harry refuses to leave the family to go home to England.

Harry is in charge of getting the Marquis children safely out of England. This is an action packed adventure that will send your emotions on a roller coaster ride. I'm not going to give too much of the story away!
In the Reign of  Terror CD:

This has 2 CDs in a tri-fold case. The audio book is 2 ½ hours of adventure. They have an all star cast that plays the characters. John RYHS-Davis (Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones), Brian Blessed (Star Wars, Tarzan), Jack Farthing (Poldark), Cathy Sara (Downtown Abbey), Christina Greatrex(The Royal Shakespeare Company), and Jill Freud(C.S. Lewis at War).

This is truly an amazing, heart stopping, and realistic action packed adventure. I love it when I can present my kids with characters that have faith, no matter what we are facing. My kids are seeing the real quality of an individual loves God in action with mercy, compassion even when the majority is against you.

Study Guide and Discussion Starter: Starts out with a few biographies of some important characters from history in the story to set the scene of the story.

I really like how the Study Guide is broken down. It has the Disc number and what track the discussion is centered on. The questions are broken down in three parts.

The Listening Well: Is comprehensive questions asking your child if they remember certain elements of the story. The amount of questions varies in each section.

The Think Further: This is taking it further than just a set of comprehensive questions. This will require them to think about the question in a whole and come up with their own conclusion like what were the intentions of the characters or maybe what the characters could have been thinking. This is what I would consider the critical thinking section of the Study Guide.

The Defining Words: This may require you to have your child pull out a dictionary or see if they can deduce from the sentence the word is used to see if they can understand the vocabulary words.

In some of the pages there is a boxed in section called, “Expand Your Learning”, this has many interesting points. It could be hands on activity like making a cake or just more detailed information on something from the story from the historical aspect that is behind the story.

There is a page for older kids with some recommended reading on The French Revolution.

Another section included in the Study Guide is a three part Bible Study. The Bible Study uses scriptures for you to look up and is broken down as an outline. This is a nice addition to look at God’s word to compare to what God’s word says in light of the story and the motive of the characters.

The conclusion of the Study Guide is, “Some Historical Background for The Reign of Terror”. It has a nice chart comparing Americas War of Independence to The French Revolution.

In the Reign of Terror Playlist: This is the same as the CD just formatted to listen to the story without your CD.

In the Reign of Terror Original E-book: This can be downloaded or read online and is just like it says “original text of the story”.

In the Reign of Terror Official Soundtrack: This has all the original music composed by John Campbell on the CD.

Printable Cast Poster: A full color printable poster that measures 24”x36”.

Inspirational Verse Poster: “What man intends for evil, God intends for good” quote.

Desktop Wallpaper Download: This can be downloaded on your computer or tablet.

Official Script Download: Go behind the story and see the Original Script.

How Did I Use In the Reign of Terror?

Like all of Heirloom Audio Productions I couldn’t tell you how many times we’ve listened to In the Reign of Terror. My kids loved the story and had lots of questions about The French Revolution especially my son. I didn’t take long once the package arrived for the CD to find its way into a CD player.

We were not able to do the Study Guide due to being in full fledge county fair and my kids involvement with 4-H and doing the last minute projects and volunteering in many of their projects at the fair this year.

When I received the email with the bonus materials in a digital download I spent a few days looking over the material. I read all the “Expand Your Learning” boxes and the biographies and retained more information than I thought I would have! I was able to share some of what I remembered with my kids while listening to the story.
When we study The French Revolution in the future I plan on pulling out the Study Guide after we enjoy the CD again. Like all of Heirloom Audio Productions it will be a stable in our car. My kids just don’t get tired of these adventures.

Thank you Heirloom Audio Productions for another amazing story. I can’t wait to see where our imagination will take us on the next incredible adventure.

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