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The Comic Book Book Story of Video Games by Jonathan Hennessey Book Review

A complete, illustrated history of video games–highlighting the machines, games, and people who have made gaming a worldwide, billion-dollar industry/artform–told in a graphic novel format.

Author Jonathan Hennessey and illustrator Jack McGowan present the first full-color, chronological origin story for this hugely successful, omnipresent art form and business. Hennessey provides readers with everything they need to know about video games–from their early beginnings during World War II to the emergence of arcade games in the 1970s to the rise of Nintendo to today’s app-based games like Angry Birds and Pokemon Go. Hennessey and McGowan also analyze the evolution of gaming as an artform and its impact on society. Each chapter features spotlights on major players in the development of games and gaming that contains everything that gamers and non-gamers a like need to understand and appreciate this incredible phenomenon.

My Thoughts:

I have a son who is intrigued with electronics and coding. He’s interested in the history of the gaming industry. I thought I would look this over and see if it is something he could read.

This is a paperback book with 186 pages. The book is a full color book with illustrations that tells the story in a comic book style. The comic book does go in chronological order for the most part. It does bring in some important facts when needed that don’t go with the chronological order. Granted I don’t know the history myself but the book does include dates throughout.

The illustrations are very realistic. This is just not a history book of the gaming industry. It covers the technology behind the gaming industry. For the most part many of the gaming systems are mentioned. There are a few that kind of show my age and aren’t mentioned. Growing up in the 70s and 80s I had to chuckle as I remember many of the earlier games and not to mention the popularity of the arcade games.

You are going to get introduces to many individuals who influences the gaming industry and how they came to design or invent some of the most popular games like Pac Man, Mario Brothers, and even Minecraft.

There are ten chapters.

1-Totally Tubular-The Tech Evolution that Made Gaming Possible
2-They’re Here-The Earliest Early Video Games
3-Transistors-This Means SPACEWAR!
4-Cold on the Cold War-Gaming Heats Up!
5-The Heyday of Atari-Video Games’ First Dynasty
6- The Golden Age of Arcade Games-Video Games Give No Quarter
7- Crash “N” Don’t Score- The Disaster That Almost Spelled “Games Over”
8- Back to Computers-And This Time it’s Personal
9-Nintendo-The Name of the Game is the Games
10-Times That Try Consoles- From Genesis to Revelations

The book is intriguing and is packed with a wealth of information. Is it for kids are teens? This is more of an adult book as some of the topics are geared toward the adults.

Here are my warnings before you hand over this book to your kids. There are bar scenes with alcohol mentioned, language is not spelled out but uses the *** several times throughout the book. A scene with stoners smoking pot, Some adult sensual scenes but no nudity, mention of pornography, the game Dungeons and Dragons, Grand Theft Auto, and other material that is inappropriate for kids and teens.

Overall there is a lot of interesting information that many gamers might be interested in. I don’t recommend this book for kids are teens. I would just suggest that you look it over before you hand it over to your kids. I wish it would have been more appropriate for kids.

I received a free copy of this product from Blogging for Books- Waterbrook in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions I have expressed are my own or those of my family. I am disclosing this information accordance with the FTC Regulations.

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