08 May 2018

Kayla Jarmon Review

Recently, I received three books from Kayla Jarmon: A Boy and His Dog.
Also Don't Forget Me, and Dying Is Part of This World are part of the Discussion Book Series.
Each of the books came in a PDF format. We were given a code to access the books online.

Kayla Jarmon writes her books from a Christian Worldview. She has a passion to tell stories and is a screen writer, and author. She homeschooled her two boys and has a heart towards homeschoolers.

A Boy and His Dog:
I knew that this story would be perfect story for my son. Granted he is 12 and the story is a fairly simple and intended for younger elementary kids. There are colorful illustrations on every page. Each page has a few sentences. There are a total of 41 pages. Let’s just say that my son is a boy who could see himself doing all the things that a boy and dog are doing in this book. My son really wants a dog. Okay, so we have an old dog that adopted us one day several years ago. The old dog has adopted dad and doesn’t really care to play much. Rascal is just happy to have a forever home. So Rascal is never going to go on grand adventures with my son.

 My son wants a puppy that will follow him along on his many adventures, he wants to train him, grow up with it, and have it sleep with him every night. That is what makes this just an adorable story. The dog and his boy wake up together. Play outside and chase squirrels, have a picnic together, get muddy together doing what boys do. They don’t take a bath together and end the night falling asleep together.

The story shows how loyal dogs are. They are always delighted to see you whether you are happy and sad. Your dog is always by your side through thick and thin.
What an adorable story that is so true. My son liked the story and felt that the author did a great job showing the relationship that a boy and a dog have together. Of course he still wants a dog.

Don't Forget Me:
This is part of the Discussion Book Series. The book is 69 pages and full of simple realistic illustrations. The pages aren’t too busy and have a few sentences on each page. 

This is a perfect book to read if you are expecting a baby or to introduce the topic of babies to young elementary kids. I had my 15 year old daughter with special needs read this story.
The story starts at the conception of a child. During the course of the child’s development during the pregnancy the child is having a conversation with God. God reminds him, “Don’t forget Me” when you are in the world with your parents. The baby has so many questions for God. He wants to know about his parents, the world around him, and what his parents are doing. The baby can hear his mom and dad and recognizes their voices. He hears his parents pray. He knows when mom his laughing and crying. A very sweet story and I loved the ideal of God and the baby speaking.
The story doesn’t touch on the details of conception or any of the physical elements involved. There is a short page about the birth.  The baby feels the pushes and the strange squeezing sensation. This is done very tastefully and nothing dramatic. It’s done with little kids in mind.

Dying Is Part of This World:
This is the second book in the Discussion Book Series. This is the most in-depth book with 7 chapters and 36 pages. After each chapter there are scripture references. There are questions included for you to talk about this to your child. There are a few illustrations of sketches at the beginning of the chapters.
I wasn’t going to have my children read this story at first because I didn’t want to get them thinking like this at this particular time. I lost my dad when I was seven and I remember the fear of losing a parent growing up with my mom who had health issues. Another reason is that next week will be a year since I lost a very good friend in a car accident in which she left behind five children. The two oldest kids happen to be my children’s best friends. It just felt too raw and too close to home. Let’s just say that God’s timing is perfect.

My son a few weeks after we received these books started asking me questions just like the child in the book does with mom. My son was fearful about losing me and dad. Since I already read the book I knew it was meant to be.
The story starts with a boy asking his mom questions about her dying in the car on the way home. The story is from a Christian Worldview. Each chapter covers a different topic. The first chapter the child is comforted by the mother assuring her about dying and being in the presence of Jesus and won’t be sad anymore.
The story goes on with the mother talking about her birth and asking her if she remembers being born and a baby. The story goes on from there with the mom reassuring her that when it is time for her to go that one day we will be reunited again. The story paints a beautiful portrait of a Biblical perspective. I love the scripture references to look up. My family has a few different beliefs with our faith about death but, I didn't see this as an issue as my kids are grounded in our beliefs.
This was a perfectly timed book this last week as we have been grieving with the family of our dear sister with whom we know we will see one day again. My son understood the topics and already knew it. He just needed a way to express his feelings out loud. This is a heartfelt book for children.
The books should be available in an audio format soon.
Thank you Kayla Jarmon for writing such heartfelt books to share with others. They have been a blessing to my family.

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