30 August 2021

ACT Mom Online Class Review

 I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

We are at the precipice of my son taking his ACT. He has been using ACT Mom Online Class from ACT Mom to help him prepare.

ACT Mom Online Class comes with online access for a year. The bundle includes ACT Reading, English, Science, Math, and a physical binder. The binder is a heavy-duty 3 ring binder. There is also a large zipper pencil pouch made to fit into the binder.  A dry-erase pen, micro cloth for erasing, sticky notes, lined paper, graph paper, and a practice ACT inserted into transparent sleeves. An answer key and a Scoring Key for the ACT Practice Test. You will also receive a PDF downloadable material immediately while you are waiting for your physical binder.

ACT Mom Online was founded by Kati and Keith Johnson in 2015. They prepared for many years with the ACT with their kids! Her kids all scored high and received some pretty substantial merit scholarships for colleges. This started with her teaching small groups and it kept growing and many students have had good results with the ACT due to the live classes.  Then covid hit and brought live classes to a halt. As a result, the Johnson family got to spread their wings and developed an online class that goes beyond the borders of their home state. The ACT Mom Online was birthed from the fruit of their labor during the shutdown.

ACT Mom Online is 13 hours of instruction and practice at your own pace in the comfort of your home. The icing on the cake is that the typical 9 hours of in-person class comes out to a sweet 13 hours which means 5 additional hours of teaching and practice.

Everything you need is provided to make this as stress-free as possible for the student and mom to be successful while preparing for the ACT. You can watch the videos in each section endless times and retake the quizzes too.

Once you are registered you will have access to your account. Navigation is easy on the site. Each subject has its own section. You will access your courses from the left side of your screen. 

An introduction is provided at the beginning of each subject-but they are the same as you can purchase individual subjects rather than the bundle. Then they are broken down by sessions. The topics within the subjects are broken down into bit-size information. Each area has a video that you can take notes in. 

They all have quizzes in which you will get immediate feedback on the answers. Each topic is followed by a quiz. You can retake the quiz if you fail miserably or just miss one question. The questions do not change if you retake them. She will talk about specific questions that are in your binder and have you look over them and she breaks them down for you. She does deviate into other ACT Practice Tests also while teaching to show you several examples. When you have completed a section you click on the mark to keep track of your place.

Your progress is also shown in each of the four topics for you to clearly see your progress.

With the ACT Practice Test inserted in the clear transparencies, you can take the test over and over and just erase it! You can add notes while going over the videos! No endless printing. Truly a homeschooler at heart to make everything practical.

Mrs. Johnson looks at the misleading questions and breaks down the fallacy of the questions and pin-points the areas you need to focus on to get pass the misleading that may or may not be in each area. She also knows the ACT Practice Test inside and out. If it is a topic in a subject that garners a lot of focus she will let you know.  The information is broken down step- by-step on taking the test! She also informs you of time limits and how to figure out how you should consider taking the test in each area to fit you.

Reading has always been my son’s strong area. When looking at it through the lens of the ACT made him a bit unsure about certain areas at first. She shares that in this section you have easy, medium, and hard. She shows you strategies to get through a massive amount of information in this area so you can get through this section promptly. My son was enlightened after going through this section and is now equipped with an attack plan.

English has a lot of trickery as my son would say. For example, it could be information on comma splices and when to recognize the correct punctuation. Dangling modifiers and yes and no questions, redundancies, transitions, and no transitions, and is just a few areas that are covered.

Science is figuring out how to get through a lot of passages quickly. It has biology, chemistry, and physics. She explains looking at keywords, charts, graphs, and gives you techniques and resources for this area.

Math she goes over all the types of questions from probability, Pythagorean, different formulas, and a mixture of strange questions to just name a few concepts.

At the end of each subject, the Next Step section video is the same for each area. Also, she provides 5 other practice tests for the ACT. The purpose of this is to practice. Taking tests starting small and working up to take the full test at home. This will have you fully prepared to take a full test. You will maximize your strengths and attack your weaknesses head-on. She gives you 80% to 90 % of every type of question in the ACT to assist you. Mrs. Johnson calls it a funnel that will lead you to take the ACT with confidence and a plan of attack.

She reinforces the importance of a plan of attack and the importance of timing and what you need to focus on to get through all the questions in the allotted time frame.

My son watching the English portion and taking notes throughout.

My son didn’t stay in one area much to my dismay. I would have started in one area and worked my way through. However, he did tend to focus on the Reading section more the first few weeks.  I could see a pattern with certain areas easily with topics that he needs to reinforce and focus on to get through the ACT to get a good score.

My son has had the opportunity to use another ACT online program recently. While they are both are unique and the approach is completely different. One thing I appreciate about it is the aspect of this being a homeschool mom who understands what it is to homeschool. This takes that into account, unlike his other program. Now if you don’t homeschool that is okay as this can still be utilized to the fullest for anyone who wants to prepare their teen for the ACT. Mrs. Johnson does a great job explaining and breaking down topics and problem-solving. Our other program breaks everything down but in a different way. So it could be a learning style for some. It’s the personal touch and the passion that shines. You can see that Mrs. Johnson cares and is passionate about your success with the ACT. It makes you want to make her proud of you too. She states at the end of the courses that she is open if you are struggling to help you figure out what it will take to give YOU the tools to succeed. Wow! 

Other homeschool families have been using ACT Mom Online Class from ACT Mom. Click on the graphic below to see how this is working in their homeschool.



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