Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July Blogging Challenge Day 7-In My Bag

I am joining others on a 31 day Blogging Challenge for day 7! 

I can usually find some interesting things in my bag. Honestly, it's been awhile since I have cleaned it out. Who knows what's crawling around in my purse-literally with a bug obsessed daughter! Yep, we forget to take the containers of bugs out of my purse from time to time. It's a great conversation starter at times!
My beloved bag that I keep threatening to go with a smaller one. Then when I do go smaller I need something that is no longer in there. It even makes my back hurt from time to time. Not good. That is usually a sign for me that it is time to clean it out. 

Not a pretty bag. Obviously, I am not a stylish bag lady. 

Actually, I carry 2 bags around. The other one is for Bug and her supplies that we always need like Baby wipes, diapers, snacks, and probably a repeat of whats in my bag.  It's pink with white poke a dots. My husband hates having to carry the other bag for me.
 A front view of all the lovely items that are in my bag. Wow, no wonder I had an back ache the other day ago.
The side view of the contents!

Are you ready to see the list of what I have in my bag!

1. Wallet
2. Checkbook
3. Hand Sanitizer
4. Arnica Muscle Cream
5. Lotion-2 bottles! Really I only need 1
6. After Bite-for those bug hunts in tall grass-a big must have in my bag
7. Emory board
8. Advil,
9. Allergy tablets 
10. Band aids
11. Screw driver set for glasses
12. Hyland's Bumps n Bruises tablets with Arnica 
13. Dental Floss-comes in handy from time to time
14. Honey candy
15. Xyla Mints
16. iPhone
17. iPhone ear plugs
18. Nail clippers
19. 3 pens
20. 2 pencils
21. Kippa that says Israel Defense IDF
22. Stevia Packets
23. Safety pins
24. Old receipts
25. Lip Balms 6 tubes-really! Chocolate Mint-2, Lime, Vanilla, Orange Blossom, Strawberry. I guess you can never have to many. Homemade ones!
26. Two empty pill bottles for catching insects
27. Matchbox car
28. Ninja action figure that my son has been looking for the last few weeks
29. .92 cents
30. Brochures for Bug's Honey Tree in a plastic bag. Always ready when people ask if we sale honey.

What's in your bag?

Hopefully it's not as much as I had in mine. Now, I have a much lighter and cleaner bag.

Monday, July 6, 2015

TOS Crew Review of CursiveLogic

This summer Little Man has been practicing his cursive handwriting using a workbook from CursiveLogic. I thought that it would be a good fit for my 9 year old son to help out his cursive handwriting. For this review I received a physical book of the CursiveLogic Workbook which retails for $29.00.
CursiveLogic is a fairly new company that was a result of a teacher Linda Shrewsbury who was inspired by a 23 year old young man with special needs. While she was tutoring him he had just one simple request, “Could you teach me cursive?” Linda Shrewsbury was touched and determined to find away to meet Josh’s request. The hard part was how do you teach someone cursive who doesn’t even have the foundation that is taught for years to learn the skills to write with cursive handwriting? She saw four distinct patterns that she calls oval, loop, swing, and mound. Well the rest is history and she realized it could be used as a solid foundation in mastering the skills to teach cursive to others.

CursiveLogic is recommended for students 7 to adults. This is a softbound spiral workbook that lies flat when writing in the workbook. Everything that is needed to teach CursiveLogic is in the workbook for the teacher. It has pages that teach the individual letters and also lots of practice pages for the student. They even have dry erase pages inside the book. The workbook is consumable.


What makes CursiveLogic unique from all the other cursive workbooks out there? The student learns the basic letter structures and how to connect them together to form words. Remember me telling you about the four distinct patterns? Instead of teaching the letters in alphabetical order they are taught in the patterns they make. The letters evenly will form what is called a letter string.

In my opinion CursiveLogic is a great handwriting curriculum for multi-sensory learning.

First, you trace the letters with your fingers. After that you trace the letters with a pencil. The last step is writing out the letters. The letter strings are color coded and have a phrase to say when writing them out. This is a nice touch to a handwriting program to help remember the patterns.

What do I think about CursiveLogic?

I have tried numerous handwriting programs over the years due to the fact that my 12 year old has special needs. She has thankfully mastered cursive. Let me tell you that I vividly remember the many tears on both ends.

My 9 year old son just doesn’t like handwriting when it comes to cursive. His excuse is that he can’t remember how to form the letters with cursive.  Maybe he can’t recall the formation of some letters.

Needless to say this was a unique and fun way to learn cursive.  It was an easy program to use that is well thought out and really kind of enjoyable.

My son had no complaints besides the fact it is summer and he has many adventures to pursue. He worked on several lessons daily three times a week. The lessons are fairly short so we spent no more than 15 to 20 minutes a day as we did more than one lesson.

I am pleased with the results and feel that it’s an effective way to teach cursive. I noticed he remembered some letters that frustrated him rather quickly. Little Man told me that, “It was an epic workbook for cursive”!

CursiveLogic is offering some practice pages for free. Just click here for your own downloadable copies.

                                 Crew Disclaimer

 CursiveLogic Review

July Blogging Challenge Day 6-10 Things

Today's July Blogging Challenge is about-10 Things About Me-specifically what I like about myself.

1. I make the best sweet tea.
2. I make yummy Challah Bread.
3. I am a pretty easy going person to get along with.
4. I like to get others started in homeschooling and can be very helpful. 
5. I like that I am extremely organized.
6. I like that I am a believer in my Savior Yeshua (Jesus)
7. I am pretty handy fixing things around the house.
8. I'm a good and faithful friend.
9. I love to help in anyway I can when needed.
10. I liked that I married the best man in the world! 


Sunday, July 5, 2015

Home ~ July Blogging Challenge with a Scripture and a Snapshot

This afternoon we all slept in late and have been wandering around this afternoon half asleep after a long night of celebrating the 4th of July with good friends.

I wandered outside to water the garden and to make sure the bees have water in their bowls. I ended up sitting in a lawn chair thinking or maybe complaining a bit about how tired I am feeling.
As I watched the bees work away flying in and out of the hives I was in awe at how they are always working and are diligent in their daily task each and everyday in all seasons. I realized that I wasn't diligent in my task this day. Using the excuse I am tired and I just want to be a bum today and do absolutely nothing. 

I wasn't diligent in waking up this morning like I do every morning to read God's word and to spend time with him alone. To thank Him for my home, my family, and for giving me life. I should praise Him that we all woke up this morning in a nice cool air conditioned home, have plenty of food in our home, and I had a soft mattress to sleep on. I am grateful for all the Lord has given me to make my home special and even comfortable. 

Even in my tired somewhat groggy mind I know that I need to put Him first in my day and He will help me when I feel run down.


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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Celebrate~ July Blogging Challenge Day 4

It's Independence Day on the July Blogging Challenge Day 4.
 Happy 4th of July. I celebrate this nation and the independence to worship my God freely!
 I celebrate God giving us His word and His son Yeshua (Jesus). I celebrate each day that He has given me!
 I celebrate the gift of my daughter though an in family adoption that God gave me to care for this special little girl who makes me see His world through her eyes. It's amazing!
 I celebrate her joy and laughter that she brings to me each and everyday.
 I celebrate my miracle child when God opened my womb when the doctor's said I would never give birth to a child. Three days before my daughter's adoption I found out I was pregnant.
 He is full of joy and makes everyone laugh at the silliest and yes, even the dumbest things!
I celebrate an amazing husband of 25+ years. He is a God fearing man who loves Yeshua(Jesus) with all of his heart. He is my spark plug when I need to be reminded of what an amazing Savior we have in difficult and good times. He is a wonderful father. He is a gentle giant who is passionate in all things. 

I celebrate this life that God has given me. 

Friday, July 3, 2015

View ~ July Blogging Challenge Day 3

My View the last week: It's been a rough two weeks so I had to slow down and refocus my view.
 To come to Him as a child.
 He is my Shepherd.
He is my heavenly Father. He showed me this week with my husband and sons relationship.
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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Quote ~ July Blogging Challenge Day 2

Day 2 in the July Blogging Challenge is Quote.

I have so many favorite quotes I love. This particular one has spoken volume to me lately.

Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it.

Do you have a favorite quote?

Stop by and join in the July Blogging Challenge with me.


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