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Blogging Through the Alphabet-Never Again-Letter N

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 Letter N is for Never Again!

Today we remember Yom Hashoah or better known as Holocaust Memorial Day.
In 1959 the Israel Knesset passed a law creating Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, which is observed each year on the 27th day of the month of Nissan, according to the Jewish calendar. This date coincides with the beginning of the revolt against the Nazis by Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto in 1943. The Holocaust was between the years of 1933-1945.

We must never forget the horrific events that happened during the Holocaust. We must remember to prevent such a catastrophe from happening again.

6 million Jews died. Thousands of Non-Jewish also perished during this time. It didn't matter what type of Jew you were rich or poor. Age didn't matter over 1,500 million children perished in the death camps. The Nazis also targeted people with disabilities, political dissidents, gypsies, and homosexuals.

May we never forget! Never Again! Out of the ashes of the Holocaust the State of Israel was born in 1948. After two thousand years the Jewish people had their own land again. Many who came to Eretz (land) of Israel were survivors of the Holocaust.

 “I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.” — Elie Wiesel

“I had to help them. There was no choice.” — Oskar Schindler

Pray for the shalom (peace) of Jerusalem. Come quickly Yeshua.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

When They Teach One Another

Little Man has been learning how to play the guitar for a few weeks. He does his homework faithful everyday that he is given from his guitar instructor.

Little Man is 11 and Bug is 14. Honestly, they know how to get on each others nerves lately. I assume it's the age that they are.

Despite the sister and brother rivalry they take care of each other. Little Man is always helping his older sister out. With all of her physical and cognitive disabilities she is basically the younger sister.

He has taken it upon himself to teach her how to play the guitar. He is also trying to teach her how to read the music. He is teaching her a basic song which is the Jaws theme music. As a mom it just pulls on my heart strings to see my kids teaching one another.

The pictures aren't that great from my phone as I didn't want to distract or draw much attention to it.

God Loves Mommy & Me by Bonnie Rickner Jensen Book Review


Mommy loves me so much! She cheers me up when I’m sad, she kisses my boo-boos, she sings me lullabies at bedtime, and she prays for me. I love Mommy, and God does too!

God Loves Mommy and Me will delight your little ones as you read about the sweet connection mothers and their children share. Snuggle up as you look at adorable illustrations of a mommy bunny and her little bunny sharing the day’s adventures, and read about the loving relationship God gives mommies and their children. Little ones revel in one-on-one time with each parent, and the phrase “Mommy and me” is a favorite with toddlers!

God Loves Mommy and Me is a celebration of strong, loving mothers, cherished little ones, and the God who loves them all. Perfect for story time, bedtime, or any time, this sweet board book celebrates God’s gift of family.

About Bonnie Rickner Jensen:

Bonnie Rickner Jensen is a bestselling author, who for the past 20 years has written everything from children's books to gift books to thousands of greeting cards. She's won a Retailer's Choice Award for her book, "I Love You Head to Toe", and also several Louie Awards for her work in the social expression industry. Her inspirations are her grandchildren, running, and sunshine. She writes from her picture book, toy-filled office in Cleveland, Ohio.

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

  Release Date: March 28, 2017

Age Range: 0 - 5 years

Format:  board book 

My Thoughts:

I love children books that have lots of colors and the illustrations. I was delighted that God Loves Mommy & Me has all the elements that make this a page turner seeking out treasures in the illustrations.

This board book is a perfect size for little hands. There are 20 colorful sturdy pages.

The illustrations by Laura Watkins are very charming. All the pages are full colored. There are a lot of details down to the mom and little rabbit. The details include dandelions being blown in the wind and bright red lady beetles climbing on the tree. You can almost see the wind blowing in the trees and grass.

The story is told in a sort of sing song flow. The message is the best as it shows the love that a mom has for her child while they are exploring God’s creation. A mom’s love has no bounds and God is so good and loving. It’s a beautiful message of spending time playing with our children in all things. 

When we make a mistake that we should forgive one another. The story ends with the mom and child praying and thanking God for being so good.

I don’t like to give spoilers away in books. This a charming book that will be a treasured time spent reading and exploring the pages with your precious child.

Right now you can enter a giveaway for this lovely children's book by following the link below.
 You can purchase your own copy through Amazon .

I received a free copy of this product from FrontGate Blogger Network in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions I have expressed are my own or those of my family. I am disclosing this information accordance with the FTC Regulations.


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