Friday, April 29, 2016

City Arts Field Trip

Last week we had a field trip at City Arts in Wichita. My kids love going to City Arts. The only bad thing living out of town now is that we don't take the classes anymore. It just to much travel time now.
 The first craft was using shaving cream. I'm never buying shaving cream for the house. It was neat but messy. My daughter would get obsessed with it with her Autism. I don't have the sanity for it.
 After you flatten out the shaving cream you drop a few drops of liquid water colors on it. Gently stir in the colors but, not a whole lot of stirring.

 You press a piece of paper on top gently tapping it down. The colors transfer onto the paper.
 Bug's making a colorful picture.
 Bug's masterpiece in progress
 Little Man's finished project.
 After you lift the paper off the shaving cream you scrap all of it off and let it dry.
 Then the clean up.
 The kids also learned about printing. They created a one of a kind print block.
 Bug's finished block.
 Bug decided to add a few more details.
 Next, was using the Brayer and ink. I can handle this type of a craft.

 Little Man's finished project. If you know Hebrew you can see his name. Except he made a mistake on the far left. His name is the three letters on the right.
 His other one is a sword emblem.
 The kids did beading on a loom.
 Except this one was hard and neither of them liked it that much. It was very hard for them to do.

Afterwards, they toured the building and got to see a small pot being made.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Passover 2016

We had a lovely Passover Seder this year with our congregation. It was crowded with 360+ people.

Last year we did it at home with family and friends but, this year we decided to do it with our new congregation. I'm glad that we did as it was a lot of fun.

 My kids are growing up so fast. I cherish every moment that I have with my kids.
 My Passover Seder plate.
 Our Shabbat candles. We had front row seats. It was nice being up front instead of off to the side or in the back of the room.

 Such creative and beautiful banners showing the ten plagues in Egypt.
 Little Man read some of the 4 questions at Passover. I would of been nervous with so many people.
My beloved read a few things also. Being on the stage in front of a crowd doesn't bug him at all. I'm glad it wasn't me!

I hope you had a wonderful Passover Seder. Now enduring the week of Unleavened Bread. Lots of matzah going around this week!

Devonian a TOS Crew Review
I have been feeling pretty pampered the last few weeks with a new product from Devonian. I received a physical product of GREEMU in a 4 fl. oz. bottle. GREEMU is also distributed by Koru Naturals.

My family has all kinds of dry skin from skin that cracks, sensitive skin, and to severe eczema. My family also does some serious hand washing ~ all the time. The guys are horrible at applying any kind of moisture afterwards and they are the ones with all the skin issues. As for me I am a moisturizer addict.

You may remember awhile back I had an opportunity to review a few products from Koru Naturals. Some of the items were the Manuka Oil and Honey Shampoo and Conditioner, Emu Oil, and facial products, and soap. My excitement of using the Emu Oil for my daughter’s rheumatoid arthritis but, I forgot to consider something. I neglected to see if the emu is considered an unclean animal. You see my family does a Biblically clean diet and try to stay away from certain animals. I was feeling desperate at the time as her swelling was bad and the medication she was using was causing her to bleed. One thing that I did notice was how the guys in my family and that their skin looked great and cleared up with the Emu oil. I am very excited to find an alternative to Emu Oil to use as a skin moisturizer.
What is GREEMU?

GREEMU is a vegan plant based alternative to Emu Oil. Both the GREEMU and Emu Oil have the same color and consistency of its texture. Both go on smoothly and penetrate nicely into the skin. There is a slight oily feeling at first but, it is short lived. GREEMU doesn’t have an odor.

GREEMU can be used as a skin moisturizer to help with the appearance of those fine lines and wrinkles. It can also be used in damaged hair to help with those horrible split ends and to make your hair look healthier and shiny.

GREEMU is made with:
Macadamia seed oil
Palm oil
Shea butter
Sunflower seed oil
Rice bran oil.

How did I use GREEMU?

I had the guys use GREEMU at night before they headed off to bed. My husband’s cracked dry hands improved and they are actually looking really good and don’t feel like sandpaper. I would love to talk him to using it a few times a day. I’ll live with him doing once a day. Overall, Little Man’s eczema cleared up on his arms and legs. We still have some areas that aren’t clear. It takes time to clear up when your skin is broken out as bad as his skin is. I also found out that both of the guys in my life didn’t want me to take pictures of their skin issues. It must be a guy thing.

As for me I used some in my hair before bed a few times. I’m not ready for the world to see my gray hair and I color my hair often. Coloring my hair has damaged my hair and I wanted to try and make my hair look and feel healthier. I applied a small amount in my hands and started at the roots and worked my way up. Yes, it did feel gross and my hair did have that greasy feeling. When I woke up in the morning it didn’t feel as greasy but, I could still feel it in my hair. After showering it comes out easily. I went and had my hair cut to get out all the damaged hair removed on my ends. The lady cutting my hair mentioned that my hair was shiny and healthy everywhere except the ends. It had been awhile since I have had my hair trimmed. I expect with continue use of GREEMU that my hair will stay healthier. I also used GREEMU on my face twice a day and a few times on my skin after working outside.

For Bug instead of applying our essential oil on her joints with coconut oil I used the GREEMU. She felt pretty pampered. GREEMU can be used as carrier oil.

Considering how often I used GREEMU it looks like I have barely used any. You don’t need much when using it. A little really does go a long way.
Overall, I have been pretty pleased with the results. I love that I have an alternative to Emu Oil that works as a great moisturizer for my family.

Don’t forget to see what others on the TOS Crew Review team is saying about GREEMU from Devonian.


Monday, April 25, 2016

Ben Carson: A Chance at Life A TOS Crew Review

 Christian Heroes {YWAM Publishing Review}

YWAM Publishing is a favorite in my home with both my kids and with mom. I knew immediately which book to ask for with the review. This is a rare to know immediately which book with such a vast array of great choices to choose from. We received a physical copy of Heroes of History-Ben Carson: A Chance at Life. Along with the book we received a Digital Unit Study as part of this review.
The biographies are intended for 10 and up. I have been reading books from YWAM Publishing with my kids since first grade. The Unit Study Curriculum is for 10 and up. In my opinion it can be adapted for younger kids.
HEROES OF HISTORY<br>Ben Carson: A Chance at Life
YWAM stands for Youth with a Mission and has created a large array of books from famous men and woman throughout history-thus the name YWAM Publishing. All the books are an autobiography of men and women with strong morals and even Christian values that had an impact on individuals and history.

YWAM Publishing has two series Heroes of History and Christian Heroes:Then and Now. I love adding YWAM Publishing books to our growing library!

Heroes of History-Ben Carson: A Chance at Life: is a paperback book with 192 pages and 18 chapters.

My kids kept asking if they could learn more about Ben Carson when he was running for president. They thought he was an intriguing individual. I have to admit that I wasn’t even sure of his background besides knowing that he was a Christian and a neurosurgeon. I didn’t think he would have had any books about him. I was wrong as he has several books out there along with a movie!

What an amazing individual Dr. Ben Carson is. Coming from poverty and surrounded by racism to become one of the top pediatric neurosurgeons. He had an amazing mother who believed in him, encouraged him to always do his best at everything he does. She impressed on him the power of books and that he can learn anything he wants to in the pages of a book. Last, but not the lease she instilled in him faith. What a reminder of the impact we as a mother can have on our kids. Ben didn’t know until he was much older that his mother had a lot of heart aches and trials that she was facing. She never let on to either of her boys what she was dealing with. She was a strong tower for them despite the odds and her own issues. How inspiring to be reminded that we can encourage our kids to be Godly men and women with our words and encouragement. No matter what we face in this life we have no excuse to not do the best we can with what we have.

Facts about Ben Carson:

His mom required her boys to read two books a week and a book report on each at the end of the week. She couldn’t read, but her boys didn’t know at the time.

As a youth he had a terrible temper and was very anger at his lot in life. He conquered it through prayer and held a passage from Proverbs in his heart “Better a patient man that a warrior, a man who controls his temper than one who takes a city.”

He became the director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at John Hopkins Hospital at the age of 33.

He was the first surgeon to successfully separate twins that were joined at the head, having to separate the brain. 

The Digital Unit Study we used at the end of each chapter. This is a digital download that basically is an in-depth study guide to enhance the book. With the Unit Study Guide this is a complete curriculum that covers several areas.

It is layed out in this format:

Key Quotes
Display Corner
Chapter Questions
Student Explorations
Community Links
Social Studies
Related Themes to Explore
Culminating Events 
Appendix A: Book and Resources
Appendix B: Answers to the Chapter Questions
Appendix C: Social Studies Reproducibles

How did I use this in my homeschool?

We read Heroes of History-Ben Carson: A Chance at Life four times a week. I did this as a read out loud to my 10 year old son and 14 year old daughter. Usually, reading a chapter a day. Some days, much to my kids delight we would read an extra chapter. At the end of the chapter we would go through the Digital Unit Study. Most of this was done orally and we would talk about the chapter. We did work on the maps when we came to that section. My main focus was on comprehension of the book. They had a lot of new vocabulary that the kids or I was familiar with. So we learned some new words in the medical field!

We still have a few chapters left and my kids are asking if we can read another book from YWAM Publishing after we finish this one. That makes me smile knowing that my kids enjoy the stories of real men and women who with the help of a loving God cared for them despite the odds against them.

I would 100% recommend any of the YWAM Publishing books. 

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Stop by and see what other books have been reviewed as the Crew has reviewed an assortment of different titles.

Friday, April 22, 2016


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