15 February 2024

The Action Bible Faith in Action Edition Book Review

This reimagining of the mega-selling Action Bible combines 230 stories of biblical heroes with vibrant comic-book-style illustrations and an immersive online experience. Readers will explore seven dynamic attributes of God’s story, earn Faith in Action Badges representing those qualities, and discover even more through a discoverable QR code in each story that takes them to a safe online adventure of games, playlists, Bible studies, activities, and a complete devotional designed to increase their time with God.

Since its release in 2010, The Action Bible has received widespread acclaim for its high-energy, engaging graphics and over 230 spiritually-transformative Bible stories. Introducing the Faith in Action program that reinvents the bestselling, comic-book-style Bible with a systematic approach to experiencing the Word of God for the next generation.

 In addition to an interior redesign refresh, this exciting edition includes:

The Faith in Action system which gives young readers an easy-to-navigate and engaging experience for exploring the Bible through themes that connect directly to their felt needs.

A Faith in Action Badge for each story that corresponds with one of seven biblical attributes: courage, faith, hope, love, service, trust, and wisdom.

Discoverable QR codes in every story take readers to a safe online experience to explore even more content: videos, games, a digital Scripture index, prayers, Bible facts, devotions, playlists, reading plans, interactive maps, Bible study sessions, and more.

A reading challenge chart spurs young readers on to earn a Faith in Action Title.

With all the intrigue of a graphic novel and all the truth of God’s Word, The Action Bible: Faith in Action Edition satisfies the curious minds and adventurous hearts of today’s young learners, guiding them to connect more deeply with God’s Word, develop a richer relationship with their Savior, and grow in their compassion for the world around them.

 My Thoughts:

The Action Bible Faith in Action Edition is the newest edition of The Action Bible. I’ve had the privilege of having all the previous editions and devotions in my home. I’ve watched my kids grow up with them. I remember the excitement when the very first one came out with my son. 

The Faith in Action Edition is an enhanced version of the bestselling Expanded Edition.

I like to point out that this is a graphic storybook that uses the Bible to tell the stories in the Bible. It should never replace a Bible and spending time in His word. It’s appealing to kids and young tweens and teens who are discovering the Bible. It does keep to the Word of God, and for me that is important. The vivid illustrations and short impactful stories help connect Gen Zs and Gen Alphas to God’s Word. Unfortunately its not easy to grab kids attention today in a digital world. 

What makes this so intriguing for kids is that it is fully illustrated and has graphics on every page. Every page has detailed illustration graphics almost like a comic book but, with the superpowers of stories from God’s word.  The colors are vivid and eye-catching illustrations. It is fully colored also. The text bubbles are easy to read with the font and the size of the font is perfect for the intended age.  

The Bible is broken down into seven themes: Courage, Faith, Hope, Love, Service, Trust, and Wisdom.  To make it easy the themes are arranged by color to highlight them. Every theme has a character illustration that is tied to a character trait along with a scripture verse.

There is a plethora of Digital Resources that have over 230 devotionals, timelines, maps, videos, Biblical facts, prayers, and more resources. You access these through a QR code throughout the Bible.

This is a hardback book and the book is made with quality in mind. The pages are made of a good-quality paper.

You can order your copy of the Faith in Action Edition of The Action Bible today directly through the website or here!

Many thanks to David C Cook for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

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