Friday, April 10, 2009


Last summer we finally built a classroom. It was much needed. It is nice to be able to have storage and not have to dig to find everything. It took so long locating what I needed for the next day. I feel so organized.(Almost! LOL!)

This summer I am hoping to take out the standing bookshelves and add in more hanging shelves. They store so much more and I can take the shelves down to the floor and maybe get rid of my plastic storage on the other side. The standing chalk board has a whiteboard on the other side. I am hoping to make it magnetic in the future. I had a friend build it for me last year. The only thing I added to it was the casters so I can turn it around easier.
I like keeping everything in one room. Don't get me wrong we still read books on the sofa and sometimes we sit at the kitchen table. It keeps Bug more focused in the classroom. I can shut the door if I don't want to see it.
The kids spend alot of time in the room, even when we are not doing school they both love to do art, play games and watch a movie. I didn't think they would want to spend much time playing in the classroom. Its a mystery.

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  1. okay, I must admit I am so jealous of your school room. You have done an awesome job with it.


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