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I jumped on board the newest thing that is all over the homeschool community. At first I thought the idea was crazy and not something I would be interested in. How could you ignore all the talk on it. It was in every forum, homeschool discussion and every ones blogs. That being said,you couldn't avoid not reading more about it. After seeing how so many families are using the system and adjusting it to meet their needs it just dawned on me that this might be a very good fit for Bug. The homeschool community always amazes me at how creative they are.

I opted to do drawers. I just couldn't justify the cost and space on doing it with the shoe boxes and the rack or shelves. I made one for Bug and I will start Little Man with it this year. He will share with Sierra for now.

I also wanted to make it very colorful and fit each of the kid's personality. Bug's card has the bugs and the colors she likes. Little Man has a jungle theme and Sierra I decided to do butterflies and flowers since she is a girly girl.

The card will go in a pocket on the side of the drawers when they are not using them. I put Sierra's numbers on the side. Bug and Little man's numbers are in the front on the drawer.

When they finish a drawer the completed work will go into this.

Most of you already know what the workbox system is. I am sure some of my family and friends who don't homeschool are a little lost with this post. I will try to explain.
This is a creation of Sue Patrick. From what I have heard from other bloggers is that she created the workboxes for her homeschool to help her son with special needs. Sue Patrick recommends using 12 boxes. The shoebox sterlite containers are the most common ones used. Some use magazine files, large envelopes and magazine racks that you hang on a wall. That's just naming a few ideas out there.
The idea is that you load each drawer with your core subjects.(math,language arts, ect..) Along with all the supplies they will need. (Pencils, glue)You put a pencil and supplies in each box. I will put one pencil in each drawer.(Maybe, this will help in the "I can't find my pencil")Then comes the extras like file folder games, puzzles, snacks,books and other learning games. The kiddos then work through the boxes in numerical order. When you are done with a drawer you put your number on your card.

You have laminated cards that you can put in the drawers if needed, "help card", "work with mom" and also cards for breaks and exercise. I still need to finish my cards.

Now you are wondering why?

1. This system is suppose to help your child work more independently in their schoolwork, but they still will get help from mom when needed. I am not sure how the cards will work with Bug. I hope this system will help her to be more independent in some areas. I think it is a good skill that needs to be taught to kids.

2. I do feel that it will help Bug in several areas. One being able to see the whole picture. My hope is that I won't have to hear the constant whining of "are we done yet" or "how much more mommy,I am hungry" She will see how much is expected from her each day.

3. You put the things they like in a drawer also. I will put a snack or a snack card in a drawer. She will know that after she does 2 or 3 drawers it is snack time. 

4. It will somewhat put her in control of her day.Or make her feel like she has some control of her schoolwork.

5. I hope she sees all the fun and tasty things to look forward too. Last year, I planned to do things but, it didn't happen as much as I had wanted it to. It will help me do the things that sit on my shelves and collect dust. It should motivate me also.

That is the system in a nut shell.I will have to load the drawers everyday. That's not to different from what I already do. It just won't be in a form of a stack on the floor.

I plan on buying the book here soon. I just bought all of my curriculum for the year and the book is a want item at this time. The book has al ot of ideas on how to use the system. I only have 7 drawers. For now it should do the job. If not we will get a larger one with more drawers and have more storage for crafts in the old ones.

Here are just a few ideas file folder games, which we already use alot in our school. My favorite homeschool site homeschool shares now has ideas for workboxes with file folder games.
The best part of the workboxes is seeing other put the games together and passing them on. LOL! It give me an excuse to use my laminator! 

Most of my friends know that I am pretty organized. I guess this is just another excuse for me to organize even more. For those who are not so organized just think how it could help you out. I will keep you posted on how this adventure goes.

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  1. It is true, you are very organized. Sierra will love this, I think Ann will too and it may even get David to sit still for you :).


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