Friday, August 20, 2010

Archeology Dig

This was actually a two part dig. The first one in which my pictures disappeared from my computer went along with The Archeology Lapbook. I put a large tub filled with dirt and sand and marked everything in a grid so we could log it in our daily excavation survey.  I hid items in each marked section for the kids to find using a plastic trowel and plastic sand sifter. They had to use tooth brushes and paint brushes to clean them off. Then Bug would log the items found. In it we had bones, broken pottery, pieces of cloth and midden. Well with Little Man we had to explore paleontologist and so the pictures below.

Dollar store find with plastic dinosaur bones. I put them in the sand and dirt to find.

Bug is brushing off the bones with her tooth brush.
Little Man was hitting the rock with the tooth brush to see if it would be any easier to find the bones. These were actually very hard to dig out. I had to grab the real tools and get them crushed up for the kids.

Their bones all put together. They were suppose to snap together. I had to glue all the arms, legs and head to the main body. This turned out to be a challenge of a project. It was well worth all the broken nails. I got paid in smiling faces and kisses.

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