Tuesday, August 24, 2010

School is almost ready to start

School is almost ready to start! Are you ready for it or are  you already in your first or second week of the new school year? I am in the final weeks of getting the odds and ends done for this coming year. I have to say that I am running on empty this year and feeling pretty tired. Maybe it is adding a full schedule for Little Man and my daycare girl Princess. I don't think so. We have had a very busy summer. It seems like we have been running full speed this summer.

Usually by this time I am done with all the planning. Actually, I have my schedule for all three kids all typed up as of yesterday. It's more of some of the planning I do to make school a little more easier. I have a planner form that I made up to use every year that tells me of anything I need in supplies. I break it down by week, day and subject. I have my science supplies written in my chicken scratch all done. I just need to type it up. For example-week 3- I need an apple, kiwi, box of gelatin and two large bowls. It tells me items I need to buy that I can't buy in advance. I check it at the end of every week to add to my grocery list and gather any other items I already have on hand. It may be something on the lines as cut out something so it is ready to go. Which generally I have all those done and ready to go in the summer. I will cut out lapbooks and anything that would take to long for the kids to do. I save some of the easier cutting for the kids. Cutting is a hard task for Bug, so we have a planned cutting time in the schedule. I find that if I don't do this before hand I am more prone to not do the crafts, experiment and all the hands on activities.

Then I have a form that will list any library books that I need to check out. That way I reserve it in time. It also gives me time to find an alternative if that book is not available. Which I haven't even looked up any library books up yet!

Last week my daycare girls where on vacation. Which helped me a lot with out having the extra bodies around. I did get a lot done considering all the appointments we had. I just need to hunker down the next two weeks and get busy.
 Summer just went by so quick and I didn't do much of the usual summer time things that we usually do either. We barely hit the swimming pool this year. We usually frequent the park playground once a week. It was not a weekly event this year. To think of it I didn't even set up the kiddie pool this year. Now don't get me wrong, the kids did play outside lots and we have a swing set.  We spent alot of time digging in the dirt with the garden this year. The kids had a lot of fun with the garden.

Even our regular friends we didn't get together with as much this summer. It wasn't all because of my schedule. I think it was just that kind of a year for so many of our friends. For some of them it was dealing with health issues, new baby, job loses, some sports and extra activities and just life. In the past years we have always did more things together in the summer. A lot of use made plans last year for the summer. Just life happened. Maybe that is why I am on empty, (or I am just extra exhausted) it was just not the same as the previous years. I don't think the kids feel the way I do. It's not like the kids didn't play with other kids all summer. They see many of their friends a few times in the week. It must be a mom thing!

Today the Homeschool Physical Education class starts today. The kids are real excited to start back in PE again. We will start school the day after Labor Day. I think getting back in swing of a full routine will help. School has a way of slowing down the pace and being busy with school and it's related activities. Have a blessed day.

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