Sunday, September 19, 2010

Why is their a rock in the bathroom mom?

My kids always amuse me with the things that they say. I just love the crazy things that come out of there mouths. Usually they are being serious and asking question and not even trying to be cute or funny.

We where out and about and Little Man had to make a pit stop. I reminded him to wash his hands afterwards. He goes to the sink and says, "mom why is there a rock in the bathroom?" I look over and am not catching on to the rock thing. I told him again to, "just wash your hands." Little Man says,"with what mom?" I say with "the bar of soap sitting there buddy." But mom this is a rock!" It finally dawned on me that he is use to using liquid soap and he doesn't see the bar soap that daddy keeps up on the shelf in the shower.

Don't you just love it. Then of course he is full of questions about how I knew what it was. I explained to him when I was a kid that we only used the bar soap. Now he wants me to put a bar in our bathroom at home. Sigh, I told him I prefer the liquid at home to wash hands. Little Man, " Oh mom, it would be so fun to have soap that looks like a rock!" May the Lord bless you and keep you today.

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