Thursday, December 16, 2010

Printable Skip Counting Cards

Skip Counting has been a hard thing for Bug to learn. I came up with these charts for her to use. She reads them out loud and can even look at them during school while she is doing something that involves skip counting. She is finding that she can do it without the charts now. She is not there yet, but she is plugging along slowly.

I am so proud of her. I guess the visual charts are a big plus for her. I put them in her workboxes for her to practice her skip counting. She tries to sing them out loud. We have the MUS skip counting CD but, Bug just doesn't pick up the singing thing. That's why I said she tries to sing them out loud. Songs just don't stick in her memory banks.

I like to print them on card stock. After I cut them out I laminate them and punch a hole in them to put a metal ring to keep them together.

 I hope they help as much as they have helped my Bug. If you download and blog about any of my printables, please link back to my blog post (NOT to the 4shared download)!  I created these printables (free of charge) and you are welcome to download and use them for personal and classroom use only. However, they are NOT to be reproduced, sold, hosted or stored on any other website or electronic retrieval system. The downloads on this site are copyright protected.

I also have these and others on my Free Printable Page. Would love to hear from you and how you use these cards in your school. Especially any fun ideas you come up with them. Many blessings <><


  1. I found your blog from Dawn's blog and I loved reading through it. I homeschool children with special needs and am always looking for ideas and encouragement!

  2. Hi! Thanks so much for popping in to my blog. I have enjoyed peeking through yours today :) You have so many great resources to share - thank you!
    Bless ya!
    Lusi x


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