Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Illumination Manuscript

This week the kids learned about Illumination Manuscripts and got to decorate one for themselves. This is a lesson in our Sonlight Intro to World History Core B. I wanted to add a hands on activity that I got from the Handle on the Arts. I also found a pretty neat PDF file on Illuminations that you can read and show the pictures to your kids. It went a lot further than the curriculum in explaining the books.
I did the letters before hand and helped them with some of the harder stencils. We used markers, crayons, and then a the end we decorated some parts with gold paint. Of course if your kids are older they can do it all themselves.

All you need to do is grab a drawing pad, pencils, and stencils if you are like me and need help making some designs. Paint, markers, or crayons. The hardest part is choosing a letter!
That face. Little Man was concentrating so hard on tracing his letters and shapes.
He told me that he got tired with all his hard work and wants to finish the background when his arms are strong again. :0)
Bug adding her own decorations to the manuscript.
How pretty is that Mommy!

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