Monday, October 31, 2011

Addition Lapbook

This is a Homeschool Shares lapbook. You can get this lapbook from here.
I laminated some of the cards in the pockets to make them last longer. I also like to put a ring around the cards so I am not picking them up all the time.
Bug still struggles with remembering her addition facts. She can figure out the problems she just can't remember them. This is why I put her Math U See Gamma on hold for awhile. We have been using this lapbook among other means to work on those math facts.

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  1. Hi I'm a christian homeschool mama of 3 just stopped by from the train blog hop. Great Lapbook and a very inviting and peaceful blog. New follower...Praying abundant blessings to fill your homeschool! Please come by and say Hi!

    Forest Rose


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