Friday, October 14, 2011

Missing in Action

I had a much needed mini-break at home this last week. It was one of those unplanned last minute stay at home vacations. We did no school. We only had one therapy and one doctor's appointment this whole week.  It was also our off week for PE.

Last week I had planned to accomplish a lot in school with having such a light outside schedule. Then I decided that how many weeks do we get that we don't have to run around. We are pretty conditioned to our hectic schedule and some how we usually get everything done.

I have been so run down this last few weeks. My schedule is usually like this- I wake up a 4:15 M-F. I go to bed usually around 10 or later. Even on the weekends I am up around 8. I guess I am just feeling it here lately. Our maybe I am just getting older!

When we headed out the door Monday morning for Bugs therapy. I grabbed our backpack for Little Man's school and I ended up bringing it back inside. I argued with myself at first-I homeschool and it will get done. The public schools take more time off than we do. So why not. I had to argue with myself to reassure myself that it is okay to take a break. Instead Little Man, and my daycare Princess3 snuggled a lot. We watched cartoons at the hospital with no other worries. It was so nice.

This week I have stayed away from the internet, looked at my blog maybe twice. I even planned on scheduling out some post this week after I decided to take a break. It never happened. I took a nap a few times this week when my daycare Princess went down for a nap. We did all kinds of fun crafts, play dough, and watched a few family movies during the day.

Today my Princess6 has no school and is coming over with her little sister. Little Man is excited to see her after almost two months of her not being here. I don't have them usually on Friday but Mom is out of town today. They can spend the whole day playing instead of her occupying herself this morning while my kids do school. She's going to be glad for that.  Have a blessed day.

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