Saturday, March 24, 2012

Week In Review-Week #27-#28

I did some combining of the two weeks and it seemed to work out good. I left out a few things and added a few things.

We are in Sonlight Core C week #27 and #28.

Scripture memory this week:

Revelation 6:20 and reviewed all previous learned scriptures. 


We are still doing "The Narrow Way" by the Parables.

This week we read "Wagon Wheels" by Barbara Brenner, "January's Sparrow" by Patricia Polacco,. We will finish reading "The Underground Railroad" by Corners of Freedom. and "If you...Traveled on the Underground Railroad"

For our poetry "Aesop's Fables" and "Poetry for Young People The Seasons"

 Physical Education
This week was an off week for PE for spring break. We will resume PE next week.

Therapy and Appointments
Bug didn't have speech therapy this week. She did do both physical and occupational therapy. In which she had a full blown meltdown in front of her physical therapist out in the lobby. In which they have seen her having meltdowns just never a full blown one I have told them about. I wasn't even embarrassed with this rather loud and enormous meltdown because, all the mom's just giggled with me and said, hey that looks similar to what I go through." All the mom's know each other quite well as you can imagine from the years of therapy. All the while a new mom was there looking horrified that a child did that and we where giggling about it! She will get to know us as we will break her in.

Yes, appointments which I already spoke about in another post.

 Window on the World
I skipped week 27 and just did week 28 scheduled. We spent our time in Sudanese in Java in Indonesian. Next stop was in West Africa in the country of Guinea-Bissau. We learned about the persecution of the believers and the culture of both. We prayed for the countries that many would come to know Yeshua (Jesus) as their Savior. We located both countries on the map. Added a flag to the kids passports and stamped the date in their books.

 History & Geography
This week the kids learned about some of the famous musicians like Handel and how he wrote his music based on the bible. We enjoyed listening to some of his music. 

Next up was some musicians we have already touched on in previous studies like Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and Wagner.
Crimean War  was discussed and we worked on a mini lapbook page of the war. The kids were introduced to Florence Nightingale and how she heroically was one of the first nurses to soldiers in the battlefield. How the soldiers named her, "Lady of the Lamp" as she and her assembled nurses would tend to the wounded at night in the battlefields. In which there is a good YouTube  video which I never showed the kids.

Then we learned about slavery and the underground railroad. I spent a lot of time on this subject as I felt it was an important part of our history to teach the kids. We worked on a slavery quilt. Which I will show you in another post. We spent a lot of time in Kentucky and Michigan with our read-out-louds. Which we added flags and stamped our passport books. We located them on our map.

We spent a little time on the Civil War and how the north wanted to end slavery and the south wanted to keep the slavery legal. How president Abraham Lincoln and his impact on history and slavery. In the end he lost his life because of his stand on ending slavery.

We made a slave freedom map showing how we would escape from being a slave to the north to freedom. We made up safe houses and other keys on our map.

Next stop was Germany, France, Japan, and Italy. France formed their first public schools and drilled their military with the same zeal the Germans did. Italy was united into what it is today and no longer independent states.Trade was started with the Japanese for the first time. We located on our map and stamped our passports
Bug is still working on her History & Geography Life Pac and we are still in California. 

Science I put on hold this week. 

Bug enjoyed her class last week. We are starting to learn about classification and played a game. Each person including the parents had to identify the insects and look them up if we didn't know the classification. In which Bug and I did well identifying the insects. Wow, we can name several of the insects rather than just saying ant, wasp, beetle. As far as classification is concerned well that is a different story. I will have to put together something and Little Man and I will learn with her. 

Language Arts, Math, and Misc Studies 
Bug worked on All About Spelling using our wooden letters this week. Her knees are hurting her so we did spelling at the table without the magnetic letters. I also let Little Man do it this way since he wanted to follow in sissy steps.
Both kids finished math at record speed. Bug worked hard even though she would of rather played with daycare girl Princess6 since she was with us for the week for spring break.
 Bug built a story using her iPad this StoryBuilder by Mobile education tools.
Little Man is working on his Horizons Phonics and Reading K by Alpha Omega.  Then he worked on his other assigned task in school. Amazing what having a playmate over does to motivation the kids to want to play. Since my daycare girl isn't over every day anymore they were wanting to finish quickly.

Then some how we managed to squeeze in art. Our theme was trees. What  kind of creatures live in the trees and how does the weather effect the occupants of the tree. We have had fun basing our art off of themes and some type of issue.

Little Man's picture is a parrot in a tree and there is an ugly storm going on. He added the dark clouds, rain making it look black outside. Then he adding the lightning shooting out of the clouds. My camera does in no justice. He draw the parrot quite well.

Bug's theme was lady bugs and butterflies flying out from the trees into the nice day. Of course it had to involve insects. 

Have a blessed week.


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