Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Creation Science Noah's Ark

A few weeks ago we had a presentation on Noah's Ark and the flood. The timing was perfect for our homeschool because we just happened to be studying it in school prior to the presentation. It was one of those unexpected learning moments. As we didn't know that this was going to happen until a week before he came to our congregation.
 The kids loved the replica of Noah's Ark. Seeing the size compared up against the animals and people made the kids say, "Wow, the Ark was super duper big Mom!" "Look how small all the animals and Noah and his family are up against the Ark."

 Artifacts showing man and dinosaurs drawn together. Little Man liked this rock the best.
 Giants before the flood? The bible says so. Hate to have to find shoes for this person. I forgot the size of foot. That's what I get for not posting it sooner while my memory is fresh.
 Stegosaurus spike fossil.

 Pretty neat claw of the Velociraptor.
We must of thought something was cool about this fossil. Just can't remember.
Have a blessed day.

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