Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Thank You For Your Concerns

Thank you to my blogger friends that have emailed and wondered what happened to me. I appreciate the concern. I know I haven't did any blogging here lately. It wasn't my intent to disappear and not blog. I have had a few things that I have wanted to share with you all. Life just happened and I have been extremely busy. No, I haven't even done the things I have planned on doing!

I am barely starting to plan next years school lessons. Our classroom is still a disaster and it needs some loving. Jeff and I just did the kids graduation ceremony to the next grade yesterday. Usually we do it the first part of June.

What have I been doing? For one thing I have been trying to work on getting Bug a stroller. I didn't realize what a pain this would be. Getting insurance to pay for a stroller for a 9 yr old is becoming quite complicated. They are pricey starting at $1,000. to $2,000. Insurance would rather pay for a wheelchair which is something Bug doesn't need or qualify for.

Pretty much it comes down to the right wording with her low muscle tone, arthritis, and mentally that effects her behavior issues. The arthritis doesn't meet the criteria of qualifying the insurance alone. Even through she qualified for a handicap parking sign for the car. It's hard for her to walk long distance without a full blown melt down because she doesn't express herself well enough in telling me she hurts. Her solution is usually drop, flop, and cry. I can't carry a 60 pound 9 yr old.

Bugs physical therapist and I can tell by her walk when she hurts now. So the Doctors and every one agrees a stroller will be beneficial for her. They also know I won't enable her and will push her to walk as much as possible. Walking is good for her joints. The reality is we walk a lot and are always on the go. Now it's just getting insurance to pay for it. I honestly can not pay for the stroller if I had too. I think I will be in tears if they say no.

The other big thing is that I am writing a curriculum for a new Shabbat Nursery school ages 2-5( Sunday children's school but done on the Sabbath) for our congregation. It is a big under taking. It has been very time consuming and it will take me several months to complete this task.

I still haven't painted my bathroom. I did enlarge my garden area to prepare for a beehive in the future. We expanded the chain link fence to keep the dogs out. Which I was wanting to have done in early June sometime. Life happened and it was delayed. We completed it last week. I haven't planted anything. I am afraid it might be getting too hot to do that this year.

Other than that it has been very busy. I will post about some other happening in another post so this one doesn't become so long.

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  1. I am glad that you are safe,and ok Renee.


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