Monday, October 22, 2012

Bug's New Therapy Horse

Bug has a new therapy horse. She was sad to see Lollipop go as a therapy horse. 

She was also very excited to ride on a full size horse weekly.
 Meet Lily she is a 14 year old Haflinger mare. Lily is very gentle and loves to play games.

Bug does all kinds of exercises on Lily. They even have her doing ab crunches on the horse while it is moving. Bug makes it look easy-maybe I need to start riding a horse!
She gets to play catch and also she can trow a basket ball in the hoop on the horse.
 While Bug is in therapy Little Man is getting comfortable being around a stable and goes and visits the horses, and donkeys.
 The horses are starting to recognize him also. He has a lot of fun talking to them.
 Every once in awhile he meets a new horse or two. He just wishes he could ride them also.

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