Monday, November 12, 2012

My Binding Machine

I finally broke down and bought a comb binding machine. I don't know why it took me so long to do it. I have been looking and wanting one for a few years.

 It's not something I will use everyday! Right-so why do I need one! One reason is ORGANIZATION!!!! Oh my- the papers, mini unit studies, and the books that I copy so I can reuse them again. Not to mention that Bug goes crazy with those workbooks that don't lay flat. To the point that she loses her focus on the task or has a meltdown because the book pops up while she is writing. Holding the workbook down is not an option on her end with her joint issues. That is just a few reasons I was eyeing a binding machine

I don't know about you but, at times I feel like I am going to drown in papers. I really dislike it when I have printed several pages and we can't find it anywhere. It is just like the papers just walked out of the classroom. Vanished, never to be seen again-maybe the dog eats paper. I don't know but I think binding them together will do the trick.

The best thing is that binding machines are pretty reasonable in cost now. A few years ago when I first started looking at them they had a hefty dollar amount that I couldn't justify the cost. I can take the plastic comb out after we are done with the papers and reuse it again if I want to.

I love it! Next to my laminator I see this as one of my favorite, "must have" homeschool gadgets. I use my laminator a whole lot. Maybe one day I should put  a post together of my favorite homeschool gadgets! I have actually been asked that question several times.Mmmmm that is a thought for a post.
Have a blessed day.


  1. Is it a (Fellows)? brand like the photo above? What do you like about his one vs. others? Thanks.

  2. I got the Fellowes Star 150. For me it was the cost. I didn't get the cheapest model but something that would bind at least 10 sheets at a time and bind up to 150 sheets. I don't foresee me needing more than 150 pages. I bought it here: ( I looked around they had a reasonable price on both the machine and plastic combs)

    It's really easy and quick to use. I thought it would take longer to bind my papers. I even used it at my church to bind 8 books for a class that had 80+ sheets easy. It took me less that 1/2 hr.

    I like that I can pick up the combs at just about any office store with it being a Fellowes.

    I really liked the the Pro-click models but cost was an issue. I have a friend who uses it. The spines are much nicer and more flexible if you have lots of pages. I couldn't justify the hefty price for what I am using it for. She binds a lot more than I ever would. Hope that helps if you have more questions let me know.


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