Friday, April 12, 2013

Navajo Indian Sand Art Craft

We made a Navajo Sand Art picture this last week. We studied the Navajo a few weeks back. We weren't able to get to the craft when we were actually studying them. That has happened a lot this year if you haven't already noticed!

The good news is that the kids remembered a few things about the Navajo Indian Tribe. Little Man remembered how they helped out in the wars and were code talkers. Bug remembered that they they lived somewhere around Arizona, New Mexico, and other states and she put it like this after naming a few states. So according to Bug, "Down their in the United States Mom!"

What you will need to make this simple craft:

Coloring Page of Navajo Art
Card board
Glue Stick
Colored Sand
Elmer's Glue
Cookie Sheet

This actually took use two days as we found out that if you let the sand dry face down before you take off the excess sand. You can see that with Little Man's that the colors got mixed together. He wanted to fix it and it resulted in some blobs.

 Bug's Navajo Sand Art

 Little Man's Navajo Sand Art

Some sites to look up on Navajo Sand art and coloring pages:

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