Saturday, April 20, 2013

Week in Review-Week #33-2012-2013

This week we had a lot of appointments. We did a lot of iPad school since we where out a lot this week. The kids did have some time at home to do our regular school activities.  

I played catch up on activities one evening this week doing crafts that we haven't got around to doing. It was driving me crazy having all those activities that I put together last summer and we had already studied that area in school. I still have a few other crafts that I would like to put to rest for my sanity!
 This is a horse head dressing for the Nez Perce Indians. It's from the History Pockets Native American workbook

 Little Man is galloping and horsing around
  Another activity from History Pockets. The Maidu Indians from California.
 This is a seed collector.
 Another from the Maidu Indians. A bear rattle that is used during a celebration.
My fierce bear.

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