Thursday, September 19, 2013

State Fair Results

Bug got the results last week on her Entomology Box at the Kansas State Fair. She received a purple ribbon. In 4-H you could say is 1st place. 
A friend from our synagogue found her box and took a picture for us. Thanks guys for the picture.

 We had her 4-H Entomologist teacher take her box up to the fair and will bring it back home also. I just couldn't do it. The thought of trying to get Bug through the state fair is too overwhelming for me to do or even think about. To many sounds, people, and things going on. I imagine a big sensory overload.

Since the county fair she added four more orders to take to the state fair. Bug had a total of 18 orders and 125 insects. She had the maximum insects of 125. As for orders she needed a few more to give her more points with a tougher competition to do better at the state level. I can't wait to read the judging reports on her box to her.

Great Job Bug on your box. You did an awesome job with a purple ribbon for the county and state fair.

 Next year we just need to add 25 more insects to her box for the maximum. Which we already have. I doubt I can stop her from collecting. I imagine by the time she gets to the advanced level she will be ready.

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