Friday, January 31, 2014

Week in Review -Week #24-2013-2014

This week has not been our normal week per school. Bug has been sick again. Mom has been lacking sleep with getting up all hours of the night with her. Bug hasn't done anything and all her therapy was canceled this week.

Little Man has done a light load this week with school. Thanks to grandpa he made it to PE class this week. His outside schedule has been the same with karate and such. For the most part mom has been caring for my little Bug.

It has also been an emotional week as we had our former Pastor in Denver pass away to be with the Lord forever. We were very close to him as he was like a father to my husband and I. It was a sudden and unexpected death from a very healthy man. I am not going to do my regular, "Week in Review". 

Have a blessed weekend

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