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Read Fluent Hebrew (Siddur Edition) Level 3 Review

 Homeschool Hebrew Reading Curriculum
My son has been learning Hebrew with the Cap IT! Program. He has already completed, “Get Ready to Read HebrewLevel 1” and “Learn to Read Hebrew Level 2”. You can see my review on the first two programs by clicking on the above links.

He just finished the Read FluentHebrew -Siddur Edition. The Read Fluent Hebrew -Siddur Edition is for ages 5 and up. The cost of the Read Fluent Hebrew is $74.99
There are 40 lessons in this program. Included in the kit is the Siddur Writer, Siddur Reader, and the Power Cards. 

The Hebrew Writer has 4 pages to practice your Hebrew writing in each lesson. With the Siddur Reader you will have 40 different selections from the Siddur to read. The Power Cards are for reviewing all the words in Level 3.

Completion of all 40 lessons of Cap IT! your child will master 40 selections of the Siddur, containing 222 common words used in the Siddur. 

What does a typical lesson look like?

Step 1 is reading the Siddur Reader.Cap IT! strongly stresses that each lesson is to be read slowly for mastery and not for speed. It is important that the child can decode each word by sounding it out. The beauty of the Siddur Reader is that you can go at your own pace. This is also a time to review any of the sounds that need to be revisited to ensure that they know the sounds. There is an, “Imagine and Draw” section to draw something that comes into you mind with each lesson. 

Step 2 you will work on the Siddur Writer that allows the student to trace the Hebrew and also an area for free style handwriting. The handwriting can be broken down in several days or in one sitting if needed. 

Step 3 is reviewing the Power Cards. The Power Cards contain all the words in the Siddur Reader. These cards are to help you memorize all the 222 words. The cards are numbered by lesson and divided in to three compartments. On each card you will also have transliteration for the Modern Hebrew pronunciation and a translation of each word. 

My Thoughts and how did we use Cap IT! Read Fluent Hebrew:

I am impressed with all the CapIT! levels. It has made teaching and learning Hebrew fun and easy.

I have been teaching my 8 year old son from Read Fluent Hebrew - Siddur Edition. This has been his favorite level. What made him like it more than the other levels? In his own words, “Mom, I am reading actual Siddur parts all by myself”. He really took it upon himself to learn each word and memorize it. I now think he can teach me Hebrew.  
As far as time frame you could easily complete all 40 lessons in two months depending on how many lessons you do weekly. We took months because my son really wanted to master all the words. We spent a lot of time on the Power Cards and even reading the Siddur Reader over and over. 

He wanted to read the Siddur Reader then go over the Power Cards and make sure he could quote it in both English and Hebrew. Some lessons we spent weeks on. It wasn’t even me making him do this. He wanted to make sure he could understand and say it in English and Hebrew. If only he was this persistent in other subjects like math!

You don’t need to know Hebrew to teach it with Cap IT!. It’s what I call an “open and go curriculum” that doesn’t require any prep time on you part besides just gathering the books, pulling out the Power Cards for the lesson, and making sure you have a pencil.
The average lessons are around 10-15 minutes daily. You really need to make it a point to review the words daily. Some days we didn’t do the lessons but reviewed the vocabulary from the Power Cards. Other days we just read from the Siddur reader. I made the curriculum fit into my sons needs and he was able to steer the program to what he wanted to focus on.


*Cost is very reasonable for what you get.

*You don’t have to know any Hebrew at all to teach it!
*Everything you need is in the box.

*For ages 5-105

*Ashkenazi & Sephardi Conversion Kit available at a reasonable price.

*Lessons are 10-15 minutes long.

*Open and go curriculum.

*High quality workbook and flashcards


*You can’t order the workbooks separately. I like having an option to buy something from a kit separately because things happen.

*Workbooks are for only one student only and not for a family to copy.

Cap IT! is okay with you not writing in the workbook and reusing it for several kids. The company realizes that you may have more than one student to teach at home. They are okay if you have the child use a notebook or white board separately for writing the letters. 

This is a perfect program for a homeschooler or for anyone who wants to teach Hebrew after school to your child. Then again you don't have to be a child to learn Hebrew any age from 5+. It's not time consuming and its an enjoyable program. 

I know my son will be ready for his Bat Mitzvah when the time comes. Thanks to a wonderful Hebrew Program that made this mom feel like a great Hebrew teacher!

I am very pleased with Cap IT! I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to teach or learn Hebrew. Thank you for such an amazing program.

This review is my own opinion and I was not asked to do a positive review from Cap IT!. I bought Read Fluent Hebrew Siddur Edition myself and wanted to share my thoughts on this amazing Hebrew program.

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