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CAP IT Hebrew Reading Program Level 2 Review

Homeschool Hebrew Reading Curriculum
My family has been given the opportunity to review the CAP IT Hebrew Reading Program. 
A simple, fun, and effective way to learn the Hebrew sounds! A program that is based on the latest research, develops Symbol Imagery and Phonemic Awareness, and instills a love for learning and self-esteem.
It uses Tactile Visual Mnemonics™ in other words it is a multi-sensory way to teach Hebrew using singing, a colorful workbook, and hands on. The Tactile Visual Mnemonics™ covers every Alef Bet and vowel you need to know to learn Hebrew.  This is a wonderful way to teach at your learning style.

Learn to Read Hebrew fully prepares adults and kids for Read Fluent Hebrew Siddur Edition Level 2.
My Thoughts:
Finding a good Hebrew curriculum at home has been a challenge. Not many programs are meant to be used in the home.(I have tried a few) They were created to use in a classroom and they assume the teacher is fluent in Hebrew. Which by no means am I fluent in Hebrew. I am still in kindergarten with my skills and that is just in the reading department. That is why I really appreciate a Hebrew program that is easy to understand that lets me teach my children at home. 

I know I said this with the last level of Cap IT! and I really want to stress it again, "I love it when I can find a curriculum that is simple to use." It’s a program that is what I call an, “open and go curriculum” in other words there is no preparing on my end. NO excuses on time restraints and preparation. Honestly you can take 10-15 minutes on each of the 44 lessons. 

Homeschool Hebrew Reading Curriculum
Homeschool Hebrew Reading Curriculum
Of course it helps when the program is fun. My son was so excited when I showed him Cap IT! Level 2. He was so excited to see the box of toys that are used with helping to recall the sounds. Talk about a hands on curriculum! He couldn’t wait to start Level 2. How brilliant to add toys to a Hebrew program.

I have even recalled the toys when I am reading Hebrew and it has helped me when I get stuck with a letter. For me the ק is the one I get stuck on often. Now, I see the picture in my mind and can recall the sound quickly. I am learning tricks to help myself in Hebrew while teaching my son! 

How does the program work? Visual Mnemonics™ Each letter has a sound that is associated with a picture and a toy. Each toy mnemonic the sounds in the Hebrew alphabet. An example would be Nun and the toy for that sound is a silly pair of glasses with a nose.

Hebrew Children
Step 1-Learn the sound if you don't already know the sound. We reviewed here as my son already knew the sound. I just asked him to tell me the sound once.
Step 2- Tell a story. The question is, “What do you like to smell”? (n-n-n sound) My son told me what he liked to smell while wearing the silly glasses with the nose. Which was pizza.
Step 3-Sing a song. The nose sound says n-n-n. Every sound has the same tune to a familiar song.
Step 4-Practice writing the letter while sounding out the letter. This is a wonderful way to help with the ability to visualize the sounds in your mind.
Step 5-Exercise. Read the exercise. The definitions are also included in the word bank. This is when you get to blend the new sounds with the previous learned sounds. Not only are you doing words but complete sentences.
Cap IT! Hebrew
Step 6-Writing Challenge. You get to practice writing the words that you just learned. This is a suggested as an optional activity. We didn't write them out each time we did a lesson.
Step 7-Review. This is where the, Power Cards” come in and there is 630 cards. It includes every sound, word, and sound combination you will learn with in the 44 lessons.


*Cost is very reasonable for what you get.

*You don’t have to know any Hebrew at all to teach it!

*Multi-tactile curriculum

*Everything you need is in the box.

*For ages 5-105

*Ashkenazi & Sephardi Conversion Kit available at a reasonable price.

*Lessons are 10-15 minutes long.

*Open and go curriculum.

*High quality workbook, flashcards, and thicker pages that last multiple kids.

*Colorful and eye catching.

*It’s easy to learn Hebrew.

*It’s fun!

*There is a progress chart to see how much you are learning.

*Toys-I love toys as much as my kids do!


*You can’t order the workbooks separately. I like having an option to buy something from a kit separately because things happen.

*Workbooks are for only one student only and not for a family to copy.

*The toys my be distracting to some kiddos.

*They don't teach the name of the letters.

* I had and individual tell me that they found the cost hard to justify for one kid.

 Cap IT! is okay with you not writing in the workbook and reusing it for several kids. The company realizes that you may have more than one student to teach at home. They are okay if you have the child use a notebook or white board separately for writing the letters. They are going to need to write the letter more than what is provided in the workbook anyways.

 Learning the letters names is not important at this point. You can teach them the names after they are done with the program.
In my opinion, this is a great investment if you desire to teach your kids Hebrew reading. I can whole heartily say that I highly recommended Cap IT!. 

My son has done two levels of Cap IT!. I am impressed with the program and very satisfied with how he is coming along with his Hebrew. My daughter is slow and steady with the Cap IT!  program due to her disabilities. You can read about what we do with Cap IT! for her in this previous post. What is important is that she is learning Hebrew. It's a program that works for all learning styles.

Cap IT! simplified Hebrew reading and  makes learning Hebrew enjoyable.
Learn To Read Hebrew

Home Kit | Ages 5 to 105

Price: $139.99


    Easy Step-by-Step Guide

    Full Color Workbook

    Progress Chart

    Toys that Teach

    Flash Cards


I can’t wait to teach Level 3. CAP IT! Read Fluent Hebrew Siddur Edition which teaches decoding skills and builds up a word bank of the most common Siddur words.

You can read my review on Cap IT! Level 1 Get Ready to Read Hebrew on this link.
I received Cap IT! for free from the publisher for the purpose to review this program, which requires an honest, though not necessarily positive, review. The opinions I have expressed are my own

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