Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Children's Miracle Network Fundraiser

This last weekend we attended Hard Charge for Children's Miracle Network. Bug has a dear lady that she just loves that goes to our congregation. Not to mention that she works in a pesticide company! They can talk shop about bugs and not bore one another. Bug would love her even if it wasn't for the insect stuff. She is also going to help Bug get ready for her Bat Mitzvah this coming October.

Children's Miracle Network does many local fundraisers. Tess did a very intense one in honor of her Bug! She was able to raise $300 for CMN locally by doing Hard Charge. You can take an peek at some of the obstacles that they had to endure.
 The obstacle course was large and we couldn't see 3/4 of it.
We stayed close to the finish line to wait for Tess.
 Here she comes and looking tired. It took her around an hour for the course.
 Our time to wave and cheer her on.
 This challenge was the last obstacle and everyone was tired and muddy.
 Up she goes.
 Then she slid down the pole. I was exhausted just watching.
 The final leg running to the finish line.
 Bug wasn't so sure about getting hugged from someone so muddy. We had to pull out baby wipes as she didn't like the feel on her skin.
 Great job ladies and everyone who raised money for Children's Miracle Network. I heard they raised $4,000 for our local CMN chapter to help kids in need.
Then a much need and well deserved 10 minute massage to help those tired muscles.

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