Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Candle Making Kit

Don't you love it when you get a bargain? 

I was able to pick this candle making kit at our local used homeschool book sale awhile back. She had it listed for $70.00 dollars and I got it for $35.00. It's worth over $150.00. She had a lot of extra supplies that aren't part of the original kit. It's brand spanking new. She offered it to me at the end of the sale for half price. 

I met her last year at the book sale. Bug noticed she had bee posters and insect items at her table. Of course Bug told her about wanting a beehive and found out that she had beehives. She ended up giving Bug the posters. She recognized us this year at the sale and asked if we got our hives.

They keep bees and are slowly getting rid of some items as the son who was the beekeeper went off to college this year. The mom is developing a allergic reaction when she gets stung. She may call me later as she is wanting to get rid of bees and equipment. The live out in Western Kansas. We will see what comes of this. She has several hives and lots of equipment.  

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