Thursday, September 25, 2014

Our Annual Apple Orchard Field Trip

We went to the apple orchard a few weeks back and as usual we came home with a whole lot of apples.
 This is looking down one of the rows in the orchard. You can see how far some of the rows go. 

This particular orchard is around a 45 minute drive from Wichita.
 Joana-gold apples
 Bug with a handful of apples trying really hard not to drop them on the ground.
 Yes, a lot of bad apples but it you look closely you will see a butterfly on the smashed apple in the the center of the picture.
 Still working hard at collecting the perfect apples all while eating a lot in the  process.
 He's on a mission with the apple picker and in a hurry.
 My clown.
 The kids had fun with lots of friends on this trip.
 Driving off to another row. Mom and Bug stayed behind the get more apples in another row.
 Little Man's best friend.
 A loaded tree.
 Hard at work and being a gentleman.
 He was helping one of the girls with her heavy apple box. Kids always surprise me with the gadgets they come up with.
 The fruit of a hard days work.

 We meet up again. I had someone else taking pictures with my camera. It was fun looking at afterwards what caught their eye.
 Afterwards we had a picnic in a nearby park.
 The kids had fun exploring and playing hard.
Till next year. Which we hope to remember that they have a peach orchard also. 


  1. Obviously, I'm loving all your field trip post! I have always wanted to take my kids to an Orachard, what Orchard do you recommend?

    1. I'm assuming you are in KS somewhere. Why don't you email me directly using the email link at the top in the social media tab. It would be easier as there are several around here.


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